Why I Ordered the Canon EOS RP (Full Frame Mirrorless)

Yesterday I mentioned that Canon’s latest mirrorless camera, the full frame EOS RP, had begun to ship from all the major retailers. Somewhat surprisingly to some people, I also mentioned that I had ordered one! Here’s why…

Canon 1D X Mark II – A High ISO King!

Regular readers will know that these days my camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark IV because I love its versatility. It’s not as fast as the 1-Series cameras, and not as high resolution as the 5DS R series, but balance of these things makes it a great option for someone that shoots a very broad range of subjects. That said, I have a number of projects on the go at the moment which might benefit from a faster frame rate camera that’s able to capture the moments between the moments my 5D Mark IV is currently capturing. The

Battery Grips: Canon Has Been Getting This Wrong for Years!

A battery grip serves a few purposes: Firstly it allows you to more comfortably and solidly hold a camera in portrait orientation. Secondly it replicates the main camera control when held in this position. Finally, it also allows you to go longer without having to swap batteries, because it allows you to have two in the camera simultaneously. That third function, the battery one, isn’t exactly life changing. I’ve often seen it written that battery grips are great “because they allow you to shoot for longer” but really, how long does it take you to swap a battery?  I can

A GoPro Still Doesn’t Have a Photo Timer?!?

I currently own a GoPro Hero5 and I’ve had a Hero4 Black and a Hero3 in the past. To be honest, I rarely use them, but occasionally I get one out to capture a behind-the-scenes perspective of something I’m working on. When the Hero5 came out last year I was pretty excited by the prospect of RAW photo capability so I quickly upgraded from my Hero4 Black. Unfortunately the GoPro Hero5 lacks a vital feature that literally every other camera in the world has: a self timer. For a camera that is designed to be used to take photos and

Gear Check: My Fujifilm X100F Is Here!

Fujifilm got so much right with the original X100, launched way back in 2010, that all subsequent versions of the camera still look almost identical at first glance. The X100S and X100T models both sported a 16MP X-Trans sensor, and seemed like relatively small updates over the first version, but Fuji caught my eye when they launched the X100F. The “F” jumps up to a 24MP APS-C sensor, the same one in the much loved X-T2 and X-Pro2. It also features a 91-point AF system and processing speeds that allow it to shoot in RAW at up to 8fps. On top of

My Biggest Annoyance with the Canon 5D Mark IV

There’s no such thing as the perfect camera, and whilst I have been extremely happy with the 5D Mark IV in general, there’s something that really began to frustrate me on my recent trip to The Canadian Rockies: Cropped 4k video. Although Canon might tell you otherwise, the 5D Mark IV is not a camera that has been designed for video professionals. It lacks even basic video camera software functions like focus peaking. That said, it does shoot in 4K and delivers video files that can look pretty good. Since I had this 4k capability in my day-to-day camera, naturally I

Gear Check: GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro recently launched the new Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session, alongside an impressive looking drone called the Karma. I often take a GoPro on photography trips because I like to use them to capture some behind the scenes content, like this aerial timelapse that I posted earlier in the year. Up until now, I’ve been using the Hero4 Black which shot 4k video, but didn’t have an LCD screen. If you wanted the LCD screen, you had to use the Hero4 Silver, but this didn’t shoot 4k. Frankly, GoPro’s product lineup was rather silly up to this point, but now they

I Sold My Sony Cameras – Here’s Why…

Some of you may remember that last year I purchased both the Sony RX100 IV and the RX10 II. I primarily wanted the smaller RX100 IV as a camera that I would always have in my pocket, and the larger RX10 II was the camera I used in my office to record all my Youtube videos. I recently sold both of these cameras, despite them being critically acclaimed cameras! Here’s why… Both cameras used the same sensor, so there was nothing to choose between them in terms of image quality. For a point and shoot camera, there’s no doubt that

Gear Check: BG-E20 Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark IV

Continuing my coverage of the Canon 5D Mark IV, today we’re taking a first look at the BG-E20 battery grip for this exciting new camera. A battery grip serves two main purposes: firstly it allows you to use two batteries simultaneously, thus prolonging the period between needing to actually swap batteries, and secondly it mimics the main camera controls when it’s held in a vertical orientation. If you find yourself shooting with the camera in portrait orientation a lot, there’s no denying that a battery grip is a heck of a lot more comfortable, and it gives you a sturdier

5D Mark IV Is Here! Initial thoughts and Unboxing

The Canon 5D Mark IV began shipping this week and I was able to pick mine up immediately. As has become traditional, I recorded a short video for those that want to live vicariously and see what comes in the box. You can find the video a little further down the page. The video also contains a side-by-side comparison with the 5D Mark III. The first thing I noticed about the camera after unboxing it was that the 10% weight saving from the Mark III is noticeable. I’m pretty pleased about this, and I think it’s a great achievement when

Am I Buying the New Canon 5D Mark IV??

I wanted to write more about this camera a few days ago when it was first announced, but I’ve simply been swamped with work this week! Canon finally announced the 5D Mark IV and from my perspective, it really didn’t disappoint me apart from the fact that is uses the old CF cards when everyone, including Canon with the 1DX Mark II, is moving to CFast cards. I ordered my new 5D Mark IV the second I was able to, and it should be here in the first half of September. I’m also going to check out the newly announced 24-105