I’ve been using the awesome little Sony RX100 IV for the last month or so and I’ve mentioned it several times here on the blog.  I think it’s the perfect point and shoot for a serious photographer looking for something to fit in their pocket.  Well, I’ve been so enamoured with it that I decided to pick up its bigger brother as well, the Sony RX10 II.  The RX10 II has the same sensor and processing of the baby RX100 IV, but it has a larger form factor to accommodate a beautiful Zeiss 24-200 f/2.8 lens.

The main reason I wanted it is for shooting my blog videos.  The RX10 II can shoot excellent 4k footage and has all the necessary video friendly features like HDMi out, headphone jack, microphone input and even Sony’s special hot shoe that directly accepts their microphones with no cables necessary.  I’m going to post more about this awesome multimedia setup soon, but for now here’s a super quick unboxing video as I know some of you guys like to see these!

Check out the video

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