Yes, the BackLight Elite Has Different Sizes of Camera Insert!

During the initial development and testing stages of the new BackLight Elite photo pack from MindShift Gear, it had just one large removable camera insert. This standard insert is quite large. In fact it’ll hold a 600mm lens, so it’s as big as you could ever hope it to be. At this point in the design process I pushed hard for the designers to create a second option for people that wanted to use the bag with less camera gear, and more other outdoor equipment. Be that camping gear, climbing gear or backcountry ski gear. We went through a few …

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Gear Check: RRS Gimbal Case

These days I find myself using a gimbal head for about half of my photography so it’s a really important part of my kit alongside my regular ballhead. My gimbal of choice has always been the Really Right Stuff PG-02, but if you aren’t familiar with all the choices out there, you might want to look at a gimbal guide that I wrote for Shutter Muse: Best Photography Gimbal Guide. I know there’s a few RRS gimbal users amongst you because I have been singing its praises for many years, so I wanted to show you a cool new gimbal …

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Gear Check: Pelican Storm Cases for Kayaking

Since buying my new kayak last month I’ve been testing various methods to safely carry camera gear on my trips. First I tried using a waterproof deck bag strapped to the webbing in front of the cockpit. This worked ok on flat water such as lakes, but it proved cumbersome to deal with in less than ideal conditions on a rolling ocean. I also like to take point of view style photos that include the front of the kayak, and having the deck bag there was ruining the shots. The next thing I tried was a thinner dry bag between …

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Peak Design Travel Backpack Launched

Peak Design are expanding their lineup of photography bags with the addition of the Travel Backpack 45L. This bag is actually adjustable in volume from 30-45L to accommodate a variety of airline regulations, and the interior of the bag is customizable with three different sizes of Photo Cubes to suit your combination of camera gear and travel necessities. There’s even an additional selection of travel centric accessories such as tech organizers and a wash bag. Your camera gear can be accessed from the side of the bag, or with a full back panel opening, and there’s a dedicated tripod carrying …

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New Camera Bag Buyers Guide…Sort Of

A little humour to brighten up your day. I juts published a new camera bag buyers guide on Shutter Muse that I think a lot of photographers can relate to. If you fancy a chuckle, head on over and take a look.    

Gear Check: Think Tank Logistics Manager 30 – The BIG One!!

I’m writing this from a hotel room in the Canadian Rockies, having just pulled in after a 1000km drive from my home in British Columbia. I did the drive in a day, with a few stops along the way to photograph a couple of cool landscapes and a turkey vulture that I found in a tree along the way. It’s alway hard to know what to bring with me on these trips. Which lens will I need? Should I bring a small flash or my big one?  What about video gear? Will I have time to make a video or …

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How Do You Protect Cameras Inside a Regular Bag?

Here’s a question that comes in pretty regularly from readers: What’s the best way to protect camera gear inside a bag that’s not specifically designed for photography?” Whilst it’s usually best to use one of the many excellent camera bags that are available, there are times when it’s not possible or practical. When I get sent this question, it’s very often from someone who is about to undertake a long trek, and they are using a large 60-80 litre trekking pack.  Other times it’s the opposite end of the spectrum, where someone just has a small shoulder bag and they …

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Gear Check: Peak Design Everyday Messenger

I’m calling this “Part 1” because I’m sure I will revisit this with some more thoughts on it after extensive use.  I was just so impressed by the interesting packaging of it that I thought I’d unbox (unwrap??) it on camera.  This is a bag that raised just shy of 5 million dollars on Kickstarter so I’m very interested to see how it works in a variety of shooting and travel situations.

mindshift first light pack

New MindShift Gear First Light Packs! Exclusive First Look

Over on Shutter Muse, I’ve just published a super in-depth look at the brand new MindShift First Light backpack series.  This is a new series of packs that’s designed specifically for outdoor/adventure/wildlife photographers, and they’re perfect for super telephoto lenses up to 600mm. The bags just launched yesterday, but I’ve been using them for some time so my MindShift First Light review is already posted!         Check out the full review on Shutter Muse.