How Do You Protect Cameras Inside a Regular Bag?

Here’s a question that comes in pretty regularly from readers:

What’s the best way to protect camera gear inside a bag that’s not specifically designed for photography?”

Whilst it’s usually best to use one of the many excellent camera bags that are available, there are times when it’s not possible or practical. When I get sent this question, it’s very often from someone who is about to undertake a long trek, and they are using a large 60-80 litre trekking pack.  Other times it’s the opposite end of the spectrum, where someone just has a small shoulder bag and they merely want to protect a single camera+lens in the bottom of the bag.  The third most popular time when this question arises is when a specialist bag is being used, like a backcountry skiing pack.  In these kinds of circumstances, it can be more practical to put your camera safely into one of these bags, rather than using a dedicated, more typical camera bag.

Ok, ok… I know some of you can’t watch the video right now because your boss is looking over your shoulder or you just don’t have time.

To summarize (the video at the top has more details), these are the things that I use to protect my gear when I don’t have a camera bag that suits my purpose.

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