Behind the Shot: Moonscape Mountaineer

In this image we’re going to talk about the compositional choices and the post processing techniques that were used to create this image of a mountaineer climbing up a snowy slope in the Tantalus Range of British Columbia.

Behind the Shot: Just Keep Swimming

For those of you that are following these posts in order, I realize there has been a bit of a gap since the last BTS post. I’m going to try and keep things a little steadier from now on, but I got a bit sidetracked with things like the backpacking gear series. Ooops! Sorry. Equipment Used for this Shot Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye Aquatech Elite 5D water housing  PD-85 dome port English Springer Spaniel Lexar Professional 128GB CF Cards Adobe Lightroom CC I wanted to share this photo with you because it’s a fun shot, …

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Behind the Shot: Snowy Skiing Fisheye

This is a bit of an older photo, but I posted it on Instagram recently and it got a great response so I thought I’d talk about it in the BTS series because it uses a fisheye lens which is definitely one of the more unique types of lens. Equipment Used For This Shot Canon 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye Canon 1D Mark IV Fisheye Lenses A fisheye is typically a lens that has a field of view in the region of 180 degrees. In full frame 35mm terms this would be a 15mm lens, but note that this is not …

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Behind the Shot: Backcountry Big Air

  This image was taken on the Pemberton Ice Cap near Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.  We accessed the location by snowmobiling out there and it took about an hour to get up here from the car park on the side of the highway.  Every year the snowpack forms a slightly different shape and this was the first time we had seen it for a perfect spot to build a jump in this area.  Dane Tudor is the skier and we were filming for a skiing movie produced by Poorboyz productions.  Dane’s trajectory will actually take him to landing down …

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Behind the Shot: Nine Queens , Winning Image From Austria

  Award Winner – Best Action Image I was invited to Austria to take part in a freeskiing photo competition at the Nine Queens event. Four photographers were chosen to attend and we spent the week shooting the skiing action as sunrise, sunset and night time. At the end of our time there, we submitted our photos and various prizes were handed out. This image won the main award for Best Action Image.  The skier in the shot is American Olympian, Keri Herman. There’s quite a lot going on here so let’s break it down into different sections: Shot Design and …

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Behind the Shot: Urban Storm Skiing

It’s not always about the actual action when you’re on an action sports photoshoot. It’s important to look for the moments in between so that…

Photo of the week – Yuta Ueno

Important points about a typical action sports photography scenario. These two things are VITAL to the success of any photo involving a jump and a trick – no matter what the sport is.