Month: August 2010

Whistler Blackcomb ad campaign – Part 1

As winter gets a little closer every day, the ski magazines begin to hit the shelves again.  Always an exciting time of year for me as I begin to see the fruits of my labor from last season.  The first one I’m posting up here was just published in Powder Magazine (though Australian readers may have seen it a few months ago in some mags over there too).  This is the first in a series of ads that I shot in the spring time for the ski resort Whistler Blackcomb.  Some of you will recognize Whistler as one of the host resorts for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and many other will be very familiar with WB simply because it is one of the most famous ski resort in the world, and luckily for me also my home mountain. The first thing that is different about this shot is that it was deliberately not shot on a day with particularly nice weather.  Whistler Blackcomb along with their design agency Origin Design had decided that they wanted to achieve a different look this year from the regular bluebird powder day photos that normally fronted their campaigns.  They decided to go with a black and white design and so we decided it would be better to shoot on a slightly cloudy day to try and get a bit more character in the...

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Canon 60D Vs 7D

Browsing some websites and forums this morning I noticed a lot of discussion about the new Canon 60D and how it compares with the 7D.  I can understand this, at first glance it might seem like the 60D has made the 7D somewhat obsolete but that really is not the case.  A closer look at the specs reveals a camera that more carefully fits into the “advanced amateur” category than previous XXD line cameras because of course the 7D did not exist when the 50D was released.  The camera that is best for you will depend partly on your budget (there is a $400 price difference) but also partly on your intended shooting medium.  Video or photos ?  This question is a new one that has to be considered with all of today’s cameras, as if we needed more right?!  Many potential buyers will want to shoot both but I would wager most have a preference for one or the other.  There is also the consideration that these days there are plenty of film makers who are looking to add HDSLRs to their shooting and often they do not care for the photo features. UPDATE: B&H has the 60D in stock right now while they last!! First off lets take a look at how the main features compare: 1. The obvious physical difference is the articulated screen on the...

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Canon annouces 60D and 4 new lenses – The wrap up

Today is a pretty huge day for Canon shooters with the announcement of the new 60D and 4 new lenses as well as new teleconverters and information on even more lenses to come in the future!  I have posted detailed information and my thoughts on all these announcements but as there were so many I am doing a summary here for those who just want to bare minimum info.  If you want to read the full posts then scroll down or click the links!  Whew!  Big day and also new traffic record for my website so thanks to all those that logged in to check out these exciting new products. Update 3: Adorama has the 60d up for order now here Update 2: Amazon has the 60D up for pre-order here Update: B&H will keep you informed when all of these new items become available for purchase Canon 60D – Full article here. Main points of interest:  18MP sensor, 3″ swivel screen, full video functions of the 7d and a nice looking ergonomic re-design. Available in September for approx. $1099  (new battery grip BG-E9 $270) Canon EF 70-300 f4-5.6 L IS – Full article here Main points of interest:  Small size (143mm) and weighs in at just a tiny bit over 1KG.  4-stop image stabilization, full weather sealing and minimum focusing distance of 1.2m Available in October for approx....

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Canon announces the development of new 500mm and 600mm lenses

Canon has also announced that they will be making updates to the current 500mm and 600 mm lens designs following in the footsteps of the new 300mm and 400mm announced today.  Little more information was given except that they will be available next year, and on display at Photokina in October.  For me the really big news in these updates is the weight reduction.  All the “big whites” already produce incredible images so it would be hard to improve on them in that respect.  The 28% reduction in weight of the 400mm 2.8 though is an amazing achievement.  If they could do that to the 600mm then it would be very interesting.  Many wildlife and nature people choose the 500mm instead of the 600mm becauase the later is so much heavier.  If they could bring the new 600mm in line with the current 500mm then it would be some food for thought!  And then the 500mm… how low can they go!?  On top of this they have extended a new look to the lenses which began last year with the 800mm f5.6.  Personally I think they look great, not that it makes you take better photos but hey I keep my 300mm 2.8 on my desk to look at as a paperweight too.  Don’t you ? 🙂 Full press release: London, UK, 26 August 2010 – Canon today announces...

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Canon updates 300mm F2.8 IS and 400mm F2.8 IS

On top of all the other exciting things they released today, Canon has also been busy working on new updates to the big white lenses.  This time round the 300mm f2.8 and 400mm f2.8 have seen the update, but we are told that the 500mm and 600mm are also being worked on.  Given the already stunning image quality from these lenses I doubt we will see much improvement in that area but regardless, the lenses have received the full array of Canon’s coating technology and the addition of 4-stop IS.  On top of this Canon have also worked to get the weight down on these lenses, shaving 150g off the 300 and an enormous 1.5KG off the weight of the 400mm!  The 28% reduction in weight of the 400mm is particularly impressive and I think it will invite a whole new type of shooter to use it.  Interestingly they have also been thinking about the movie makers out there with the introduction of a new Power Focus mode.  This allows a movie maker to rack focus by using the ring at the front of the lens previously designed for preset focus.  There is also an option as to what type of foot you have on the lens collar, a long foot for tripod mounting or a shorter foot for monopod use.  Rounding off the improvements is the inclusion of...

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