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19-001-0004_3_medI’m a stills photographer at heart but I really enjoy shooting video too when I can.  The problem is though that the Canon DSLRs that I use are not ergonomically designed for video and stability has been an issue since their inception.  The video accessory market saw a huge boom in products or “rigs” to help you shoot video with you Canon 5dMKII or 7d.  But the problem was that most of them assumed that you only wanted to shoot video.  They are large and bulky and often need disassembling into many smaller parts for transportation.  Fine if you are just shooting video but if your main aim is still images and you just want to shoot a little bit of video on the side, you need something smaller that can be quickly attached.

Now that the market is saturated with full sized rigs from people like Cinevate and Zacuto, Redrock Micro has finally addressed the lower end of the market and designed some products that would work for photojournalists and still photographers who need just the bare minimum to fit in with their existing kit.  Its called the Nano lineup and is based around a new Nano baseplate.  The rigs are available in 7 different configurations ranging from just $100 to $600 and of course all the other Redrock accessories can be added to create almost anything you can imagine.  They look pretty good to me.  The larger rigs and shoulder mounts have never been of much interest to me because I just don’t have room for them in my bag.  But something like the Nano rig with a viewfinder could be squeezed into my pack.  Hopefully we will see a few reviews on some of these combinations soon.  I’m going to try and get hold of one of them myself to try out so stay tuned.



The 7 Nano rigs and new Nano accessories.
* Grippit™
* runningMan™
* LowDown™
* LowDown Deluxe
* Stealth™
* Stealth Grip
* Stealth V (“vee”)

Nano accessories:
Nano baseplate
Nano focus+zoom lever
microHandle Plus (with integrated shoe mount)
2” 15mm carbon fiber rails
2” handlebar rod

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