Think Tank Launches Digital Holster 150 for Telephoto Zooms

The Digital Holster range from Think Tank Photo has been around for some time, but now they have expanded it with the addition of the Digital Holster 150. This new larger size comes in response to customer demand for a holster that can fit the growing number of 150-600mm sized lenses on the market. I would also include the Nikon 200-500 in this list, as well as 100-400mm lenses from Canon and Sony, and the Sony 200-600mm. In addition to these zoom lenses, it’ll also fit a 300mm f/2.8, the Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS II and the Nikon 500mm

Adding Camera Gear Storage to my Photography Adventure Trailer

I know that plenty of you are following along with my project of building the ultimate photography adventure trailer. Many of my previous updates to the base trailer (Taxa Tigermoth) centred around getting the solar power and general electrical systems up to scratch, but I’m really happy with how that’s all working now so it was time to move onto new projects. I just pulled the trailer out of winter storage and my first task was to improve upon how I store camera equipment when I’m on the move. I toyed with the idea of adding a huge sliding drawer

Think Tank Launches New Affordable Storyteller Bag Series

Think Tank Photo have a pretty steady stream of new product launches but this one caught my eye due to the low price points. The new Storyteller shoulder bag series features three bags, and prices start at just $64.75 for the Storyteller 5 and go up to $84.75 for the largest Storyteller 10 bag.   The bags look great for a mirrorless setup or a small DSLR with a couple or three lenses. All of them feature an elasticated water bottle pocket on one side, as well as mesh battery and memory card pockets inside the lid. The Storyteller 8

Gear Check: Think Tank Logistics Manager 30 – The BIG One!!

I’m writing this from a hotel room in the Canadian Rockies, having just pulled in after a 1000km drive from my home in British Columbia. I did the drive in a day, with a few stops along the way to photograph a couple of cool landscapes and a turkey vulture that I found in a tree along the way. It’s alway hard to know what to bring with me on these trips. Which lens will I need? Should I bring a small flash or my big one?  What about video gear? Will I have time to make a video or

New Tripod Case from Think Tank Photo – Tripod Manager 44

Think Tank Photo have jut added another rolling case to their ever-growing lineup, and this one is a big beast! It’s called the Video Tripod Manager 44, and it’ll hold tripods or other support equipment up to 40 inches in length. The case is constructed with crush-resistant ABS twinwall for incredible impact protection, so your precious cargo is well protected. In fact, in the video on their website, it says you can comfortably stand on this case, which means it offers quite a bit more protection than their standard camera rolling cases.   Whilst the primary target seems to be video

NEW: Affordable Think Tank Spectral Shoulder Bags!

Think Tank Photo will always be one of my got-brands for top quality camera bags, along with their sister company MindShift Gear for the more outdoorsy ones. This week Think Tank have launched a new line of shoulder bags called the Spectral Series, and this aims to bring Think Tank bags into the hands of more people by offering them at a slightly lower price-point. The Spectral 8 is under $100! Despite coming in a bit cheaper than some of their other shoulder bags, like my personal favourite Retrospective bags, these Spectral bags still bring a ton of cool features.

Think Tank Photo Launches New SKB Hard Case Line

Think Tank Photo have just launched a new partnership with hard case manufacturer, SKB. If you’re not familiar with SKB, they basically make cases that are the same as the much better known brand, Pelican. Think Tank have designed a number of accessories and cases, including a backpack, that are sized perfectly for specific SKB hard cases. The new products have ridiculously over-complicated names, but most importantly, note that these products when sold on the Think Tank website include BOTH the hard case AND the Think Tank case inside it. If you just want to get the interior cases and accessories,

Think Tank Photo Holiday Specials

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced two holiday special offers on their award-winning camera bags.  The first is their Outlet Center, which is chock full of huge discounts.  And second, through December 31st whenever you buy a Think Tank rolling camera bag you will receive Road Warrior Kit for free.  The Road Warrior Kit features 10 Red Whips cable ties, a Cable Management 10 pouch, an AA Battery Holder and a Travel Pouch. That’s $54.50 worth of accessories FREE!  And don’t forget, with our special relationship with Think Tank you will also receive a free gift when you

Think Tank Production Manager

This new roller bag from Think Tank Photo popped a few weeks ago but I was busy at the time and forgot to mention it.  I’m a big fan of Think Tank’s gear and I’ve used their tough-as-nails roller bags to travel with for many years.  The Production Manager is the largest one yet!  Really the photos do all the talking, so just let your imagination run wild with what you might be able to fit in this thing!  Designed primarily for lighting equipment, but equally at home storing your long lens collection on the road or at the office.