NEW: Think Tank Streetwalker Rolling Backpack!

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I don’t post about new products unless they really excite me, but this one caught my eye when it landed in my in-box. Think Tank Photo make the best rolling camera bags I’ve ever used, there’s no question about that. Walk into any photographer’s room in a sports media centre and you’ll see them piled up everywhere for good reason. Previously all of Think Tank’s photo rollers have been part of the Airport Series, but now they have introduced a new one in the Streetwalker series, called the Rolling Backpack V2. Actually, the V2 is a little confusing because they moved the whole Streetwalker lineup to Version 2, although this is the first version of the Streetwalker Rolling Backpack.


A rolling backpack is nothing new to Think Tank’s lineup, they also have the Airport Take-Off V2, but this one takes on the features of Think Tank’s most popular backpack lineup, the Streetwalker Series. I don’t own the Streetwalker packs myself, but they are VERY similar in construction to the MindShift FirstLight backpacks that I do use (MindShift is their sister company).


A Rolling backpack makes a lot of sense to me because it allows you to get the benefits of a rolling pack as you make your way through the airport, but turn it into a backpack when you get outside and encounter things like busy city streets or gravel/dirt roads. What do you think?  Can you see yourself using a pack like this?

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