Gear Check: Think Tank Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket Card Wallet

There’s a few items that every photographer needs, and one of those is a good card wallet to store your precious (and often expensive) memory cards.

Think Tank Photo’s line of fold-up card wallets have always been popular but recently they introduced a new one which is by far my new favourite. It’s called the Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket, and it now includes zippered pockets for your cards to make them even more, well, secure. Makes sense, right?

The Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket has three zippered sections and each one is divided into two halves to give you six individual secured sections. These sections are sized to be able to hold everything from CF and SD cards, to newer standards like CFexpress and XQD. Of course the zippered sections are also perfect for holding a large number of those pesky little MicroSD cards that we all need for things like drones and GoPros.

What’s great about this is that it’s a truly universal card wallet solution. It’s pretty rare these days to be using just one type of memory card when there are so many types in use for cameras of varying sizes. I myself have SD, CF, XQD and Micro SD cards in my bag at all times these days!

Think Tank have several other card type specific wallets like this SD Pixel Pocket Rocket (in orange). If you already have one of these, you’d notice the new Secure PPR is a little larger.
Secure it to your belt to keep it safe.

The Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket also includes loops for you to put it onto your belt, as well as a lanyard and the usual slot for a few business cards. At only $21.75, I can’t think of a better solution for carrying your memory cards.

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