Adding Camera Gear Storage to my Photography Adventure Trailer

I know that plenty of you are following along with my project of building the ultimate photography adventure trailer. Many of my previous updates to the base trailer (Taxa Tigermoth) centred around getting the solar power and general electrical systems up to scratch, but I’m really happy with how that’s all working now so it was time to move onto new projects.

I just pulled the trailer out of winter storage and my first task was to improve upon how I store camera equipment when I’m on the move. I toyed with the idea of adding a huge sliding drawer into the storage under the bed, but the problem there is that camera equipment would have to be continually placed into, and pulled out of the storage drawer when I’m at home. To do that with 100 different small items didn’t make sense! What I needed was a camera case that I can store everything in, and then simply modify the trailer to perfectly fit the camera case.

In this way, I can pack the case in my office, and move the whole thing to the trailer when I’m ready to go. By using a rolling camera case, I could easily pull the case out from under the bed just like a drawer anyway. This also means that I have portable storage on location if I need it as well, and if I do choose to have a night in a hotel along the way (hey, sometimes a guy needs a hot shower!) then I can pull roll all my camera gear into the hotel with me.

The perfect solution for this was the Logistics Manager 30 from Think Tank Photo. I actually posted about this already on my blog, but when I first got the bag I hadn’t yet modified the trailer to work with it. Now, with the trailer out of storage, I was able to dismantle the interior to remove the panel that needed modifying. With all the interior plywood panels being connected, I actually had to remove much of the interior to get to the one panel! It was quite a task.

With the panel removed, I put it on a table saw and cut a hole in it that’s just a touch bigger than the dimensions of the Logistics Manager 30 rolling case. As you can see in the photos, this case is a perfect solution for this! It slides away effortlessly under the bed, but the with the side door of the Tigermoth trailer open, I can easily access all the gear in the bag.

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