NEW: Affordable Think Tank Spectral Shoulder Bags!

Think Tank Photo will always be one of my got-brands for top quality camera bags, along with their sister company MindShift Gear for the more outdoorsy ones. This week Think Tank have launched a new line of shoulder bags called the Spectral Series, and this aims to bring Think Tank bags into the hands of more people by offering them at a slightly lower price-point. The Spectral 8 is under $100!

Despite coming in a bit cheaper than some of their other shoulder bags, like my personal favourite Retrospective bags, these Spectral bags still bring a ton of cool features. I love the fact that they have included a zipper for the main compartment, despite it being a standard “top flap” shoulder bag design. This is great for urban environments in crowded places because you can zipper it closed to make sure no sneaky fingers get in at your gear. If you don’t need the zipper closing, it tucks away into the lid of the bag.

The Spectral bags also have a neat looking magnetic latch, tripod straps on the bottom, plenty of organization and a 15″ laptop slot on the largest Spectral 15. I’d say these things look like an absolute bargain, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to include the Spectral 8 on my year Christmas gift suggestion list at that price!


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