Lenses & Gear For Sale

Hey folks, I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning in the gear closet and I have a few things for sale. If you are seriously interested in any of these items, use the contact form to send me a message and I’ll get back to you with details and photos of the items you are interested in. Prices are in Canadian dollars. All items are in at least 9/10 condition. I take good care of my gear! (And no, I’m not leaving Canon, just repurposing some assets for other projects) – Canon 11-24mm f/4 L $2400– Canon 200-400 f/4 L

Gear Check: Anker PowerPort Cube

Anker make a ton of awesome power accessories and the PowerPort Cube is my new favourite travel power strip. Sometimes you just can’t find enough power sockets in a hotel room so a power strip is a useful travel accessory. The problem is that traditional power strips, with their side-by-side sockets, often make it difficult to plug in multiple battery chargers. The cubic shape of the Anker PowerPort Cube solves this problem entirely, and it even has three USB ports on it too, so you can keep your phone and other smaller devices charged. This thing solves so many charging

Gear of the Year – 2018

For the past few years I have written a post at the beginning of the year where I discuss some of my favourite and most-used items of the past 12 months. For 2017 I wrote about the Canon 11-24mm f/4L, the RRS TFC-14 tripod, the Drobo 5D3 and a few other bits and bobs. Looking back on 2018, as I’m doing right now, I realize that the content of my gear closet hasn’t changed all that much. I didn’t buy any new DSLRs in 2018, and I didn’t even buy any new lenses – I can’t remember the last time

Gear Check: RRS Gimbal Case

These days I find myself using a gimbal head for about half of my photography so it’s a really important part of my kit alongside my regular ballhead. My gimbal of choice has always been the Really Right Stuff PG-02, but if you aren’t familiar with all the choices out there, you might want to look at a gimbal guide that I wrote for Shutter Muse: Best Photography Gimbal Guide. I know there’s a few RRS gimbal users amongst you because I have been singing its praises for many years, so I wanted to show you a cool new gimbal

Gear Check: Pelican Storm Cases for Kayaking

Since buying my new kayak last month I’ve been testing various methods to safely carry camera gear on my trips. First I tried using a waterproof deck bag strapped to the webbing in front of the cockpit. This worked ok on flat water such as lakes, but it proved cumbersome to deal with in less than ideal conditions on a rolling ocean. I also like to take point of view style photos that include the front of the kayak, and having the deck bag there was ruining the shots. The next thing I tried was a thinner dry bag between

Peak Design Travel Backpack Launched

Peak Design are expanding their lineup of photography bags with the addition of the Travel Backpack 45L. This bag is actually adjustable in volume from 30-45L to accommodate a variety of airline regulations, and the interior of the bag is customizable with three different sizes of Photo Cubes to suit your combination of camera gear and travel necessities. There’s even an additional selection of travel centric accessories such as tech organizers and a wash bag. Your camera gear can be accessed from the side of the bag, or with a full back panel opening, and there’s a dedicated tripod carrying

LifeStraw Flex Water Filter Review

The LifeStraw Flex is a portable water filter that can be used to remove bacteria, parasites, microplastics and particulates from any water source.

My New Kayak: Boréal Design Compass 140 Ultralight

This week I picked up a new 14ft touring kayak so that I can reach a few new places to photograph. I’ve had my eye out for something like this for a couple of years but when I heard about the Ultralight series from Boreal Design, I knew I had found my ship! The Compass 140 was already a great kayak for my purpose, with plenty of storage fore and aft, as well as a day hatch and a wide enough cockpit that I could keep a camera and super telephoto lens between my legs. But the Ultralight version of

Canon 1D X Mark II – A High ISO King!

Regular readers will know that these days my camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark IV because I love its versatility. It’s not as fast as the 1-Series cameras, and not as high resolution as the 5DS R series, but balance of these things makes it a great option for someone that shoots a very broad range of subjects. That said, I have a number of projects on the go at the moment which might benefit from a faster frame rate camera that’s able to capture the moments between the moments my 5D Mark IV is currently capturing. The