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How to Speed Up Your Drobo

The vast majority of my data lives on a variety of Drobos. I currently have a Thunderbolt 3 enabled Drobo 5D3 as my primary storage device, stacked with 32TB of drives, and I also have the same set of data mirrored onto a Drobo 5N2 which I can access remotely from...

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Gear Check: Drobo 5D3

Drobo recently announced a new Thunderbolt 3 enabled storage unit called the 5D3. As it happened, it came out right as I was contemplating a new storage setup due to increasing needs so I ordered one right away from B&H Photo. If you want to read more about my...

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My Drobo Has To Go

Over at ProPhoto Coalition I have posted an article dealing with my latest Drobo problems and why I have come to the end of the road with these products.  Repeated hardware and software issues have left me with no reason to continue using them.  If you own a Drobo ,...

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