Back up your photos! Another SSD failure

owc ssd electra drive failure

Yep, it’s that time of year again where I remind you guys to backup your photos because I’ve just had another drive failure.  Drives will always fail eventually, it’s not a matter of if  but when.

For those that are thinking SSDs (solid state drives) are immune from this problem, think again.  The drive that just failed on me is a very expensive OWC Electra SSD, and get this… it’s the third time I’ve had to warranty one of them!  Now, I’m clearly not going to be buying this particular brand of drives again, but it just goes to show that all drives are vulnerable.

I didn’t lose any files, or any sleep over this failure because I have an extremely rigorous backup routine that includes multiple on-site and off-site copies of every drive.  I know that for most people that’s not the case, and I’d wager that many people reading this have only one copy of their photos on a single drive.

If you haven’t done a backup in a while, now is the time to do it.  If you don’t have a backup at all, jump on Amazon right now and order yourself a backup drive.  Drive prices are so low these days that a mere $61 will get you a 1TB self-powered USB3 drive. $61!!

An excellent resource

Online backup company Back Blaze have recently updated their survey results for drive failures with particular brands.

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