Yes, the BackLight Elite Has Different Sizes of Camera Insert!

During the initial development and testing stages of the new BackLight Elite photo pack from MindShift Gear, it had just one large removable camera insert. This standard insert is quite large. In fact it’ll hold a 600mm lens, so it’s as big as you could ever hope it to be. At this point in the design process I pushed hard for the designers to create a second option for people that wanted to use the bag with less camera gear, and more other outdoor equipment. Be that camping gear, climbing gear or backcountry ski gear. We went through a few

Gear of the Year – 2018

For the past few years I have written a post at the beginning of the year where I discuss some of my favourite and most-used items of the past 12 months. For 2017 I wrote about the Canon 11-24mm f/4L, the RRS TFC-14 tripod, the Drobo 5D3 and a few other bits and bobs. Looking back on 2018, as I’m doing right now, I realize that the content of my gear closet hasn’t changed all that much. I didn’t buy any new DSLRs in 2018, and I didn’t even buy any new lenses – I can’t remember the last time

Instagram Takeover for MindShift Gear

I recently did an Instagram Takeover on the MindShift Gear Instagram page and I thought I’d share the images and descriptions here with you guys as well. My simple aim for the series of images was to show a small variety of my work, and also talk about which MindShift Gear products helped me in those specific instances. Over the past few years, several of MindShift’s carrying solutions have become an integral part of my work.   Day 1 Hey folks! My name is @dancarrphoto and I’m a professional adventure, landscape and wildlife photographer from Whistler in British Columbia. As

mindshift first light pack

New MindShift Gear First Light Packs! Exclusive First Look

Over on Shutter Muse, I’ve just published a super in-depth look at the brand new MindShift First Light backpack series.  This is a new series of packs that’s designed specifically for outdoor/adventure/wildlife photographers, and they’re perfect for super telephoto lenses up to 600mm. The bags just launched yesterday, but I’ve been using them for some time so my MindShift First Light review is already posted!         Check out the full review on Shutter Muse.

Mindshift Rotation180 Pro – Free Shipping With My Coupon Code

PLEASE NOTE:  You no longer are required to use this coupon code to get free shipping. Free shipping is now included as standard on all US shipments from MindShift. Great news today that I know many of you were waiting for.  The excellent Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack is now in stock and to celebrate they have given me a coupon code to get you FREE shipping from their store.  Just enter the code DANCARR into the ‘discount’ box in the shopping cart!  This is a limited time offer so act fast if you want one of these bags.  I also

Mindshift Gear – Rotation 180 Pro on Kickstarter !

The Mindshift Rotation 180 that I previewed last month is now up on Kickstarter!  This is a new backpack (and a new company) from within Think Tank Photo and is to be targeted more at the outdoor photography market.  The guys actually exceeded their funding goal on Kickstarter within the first 24 hours !!! That’s how much excitement there is out there for this bag!  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in on the deal as well since it offers a large discount on the retail price of the bag and they’ll throw in an additional couple of accessories too!


Get yourself over to Kickstarter to watch the video and you’ll see why this pack is so unique.  I’ll be testing one out shortly so stay tuned….


EDIT:  This bag was funded immediately on Kickstarter and I have now done a full review of it HERE. on my new website Shutter Muse.


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Rotation 180 Pro

Mindshift Gear – A New Outdoor Photography Bag Company From Within Think Tank

EDIT:  Note that this bag is now available and I have done a HUGE in-depth review of it HERE on my new website Shutter Muse. Mindshift is an entirely new company formed from within the design studios of Think Tank Photo that will concentrate on the outdoor photography market. It will be run as a separate company but with all the same focus on design and high quality that we have come to expect from Think Tank. Products will be manufactured alongside the existing Think Tank ones and the design of the Rotation 180 Professional was done in house by