Mindshift Rotation180 Pro – Free Shipping With My Coupon Code


PLEASE NOTE:  You no longer are required to use this coupon code to get free shipping. Free shipping is now included as standard on all US shipments from MindShift.

Great news today that I know many of you were waiting for.  The excellent Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack is now in stock and to celebrate they have given me a coupon code to get you FREE shipping from their store.  Just enter the code DANCARR into the ‘discount’ box in the shopping cart!  This is a limited time offer so act fast if you want one of these bags.  I also know how many people have been waiting for this so not sure how long stocks of the bag will last in this initial shipment.

Don’t forget my giant preview of the bag here: http://shuttermuse.com/mindshift-rotation-180-review/

You can access the Mindshift Gear store HERE.






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