RODE Lanuches Lav Mic for iOS Devices

I’m a pretty big fan of RODE mics, I have a lav and a shotgun myself and they have been very nice to work with.  I like a company that innovates and we’ve already seen things like the upcoming Videomic HD and just last month the brand new iXY mic for the iPhone 4/4s.  This week the innovation continues with the introduction of the dedicated lavalier microphone for iOS devices.  The RODE SmartLav will retail for just $60 and operate with their own iOS app for recording purposes.  Such a simple idea, a wonderful backup device for larger productions or

Rode Stereo Videomic Pro Review

The Rode Stereo Videomic Pro is an upgrade to to the previous Stereo Videomic in a much smaller and more lightweight package. It takes a lot of design cues from the new Videomic Pro, using the same style of suspension system and a metal hotshot. Many who owned the original Videomic will know that the weak point in its design was the strength of this suspension system so it’s nice to see upgrades across the board now in Rode’s on-camera range. Watch the video below for some first hands on impressions and it will also give you an excellent idea

Rode Microphones Announces New Stereo Videomic Pro and Videomic HD

Rode Microphones has just announced details of two new DSLR friendly microphones.  The Stereo Videomic Pro continues their form factor and feature redesign that we saw last year in the Videomic Pro but implements it on the old Stero Videomic.  The second microphone is even more interesting though as it is the first microphone in the world to combine a shotgun mic with a built in recorder and basic mixing capabilities as well as audio monitoring.  Read on for more details…. Rode Stereo Videomic Pro The bulk old Stereo Videomic is gone and replaced with this MUCH smaller version.  Like

New Tascam DR-40 and DR-100 MKII FOR DSLR Audio

Getting around the deficient audio in DSLR video production is always a tricky problem for one reason or another.  There are several ways to do it , depending on which camera you are using but it also depends on whether you want to shoot separate audio tracks and sync in post using Plural Eyes , or whether you want to record straight into the video track on camera.  The latter route will never be as high quality but sometimes you just don’t have time for the extra step in post of syncing and managing the audio files.  Of course the

RODE Introduces a New DSLR Microphone, the Videomic Pro

The original Rode Videomic became a ubiquitous accessory for DSLR shooters.  Originally launched long before the introduction of DSLR video capable cameras, an update has been expected for a while.  Philip Bloom teased some images a while back where the mic was blurred out of his photos and I was pretty certain this was what he was testing.  Today it was confirmed that a new mic has been added to the lineup.  People looking for a compact setup before had to choose between the Videomic or the Sennheiser MKE400.  The advantage of the MKE400 was that it was much smaller

Separate audio syncing just got easier with new DualEyes

If you shoot video with a Canon DSLR you already know the audio sucks. Or even if you don’t, maybe you have read my guide to audio and microphones for these cameras ! Recording your audio separately is without a doubt the way to get the highest quality audio track but it adds a couple of daunting extra steps to your production. Firstly the simple process of making sure you record the audio and not just the video while you are shooting, 2 record buttons to press! And secondly syncing that audio to your video track in post-production. I guess

New Zoom H1 audio recorder. Multimedia journalists dream ?

Samson Tech stumbled onto something great with the ubiquitous Zoom H4N audio recorder. When the DSLR video craze kicked off, people quickly realized that whilst the video was stunning to look at, the on-board audio sucked. All professional films use separate audio recorders though, and the HDSLR crowd quickly fell in love with the full featured Zoom H4N. Built in stereo mics and 2 XLR inputs meant 4 track recording was possible in a device that was only $300. Samson was in the right place at the right time with the right price, the H4N was and still is everywhere.

Video accessories for the Canon 5D Mark II: Part 1 – Microphones

When Canon launched the 5dMKII in late 2008 , the quality and look of the video it produced was lost on nobody. It changed everything, Fast forward now to 2010 and I am updating my original posting on microphones for the 5dmkII because it’s popularity has gone from strength to strength. The final episode of the worlds most watched TV show(in 2010), House, was just shot entirely using the Canon 5dMKII. And what is even crazier about the whole story, is that Canon had seemingly no idea of the potential of this camera when they released it. They never intended