Month: October 2012

PhotoPlus Expo Coverage

I’m in New York right now having just finished an interesting few days at PhotoPlus Expo.  I’m going to use this post as something of an index for the coverage as a few articles will be appearing on ProPhoto Coalition. On my site: One Click – Hurricane Sandy Hits New York  Broncolor Move 1200 L – The Ultimate Battery Strobe ? Multistitch – Use a DSLR on a 4×5 camera. Mindshift Rotation 180 Pro – A new outdoor photo backpack from Mindshuft which is a Think Tank Photo Company.   On ProPhoto Coalition Leica M – Hands on Schneider...

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Mindshift Gear – A New Outdoor Photography Bag Company From Within Think Tank

  EDIT:  Note that this bag is now available and I have done a HUGE in-depth review of it HERE on my new website Shutter Muse. Mindshift is an entirely new company formed from within the design studios of Think Tank Photo that will concentrate on the outdoor photography market. It will be run as a separate company but with all the same focus on design and high quality that we have come to expect from Think Tank. Products will be manufactured alongside the existing Think Tank ones and the design of the Rotation 180 Professional was done in...

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Thoughts On Apples New Product Announcement

Apple announced a slew of new products yesterday and all of them have potential to offer something for the photographer.  As I sit here waiting for my flight to PhotoPlus Expo in New York I thought I’d put down some thoughts on these new products as I am , or have been considering several of them myself. First let’s start with the new iMac.  This represents one of the largest jumps in design for the iMac since the very beginning of line.  The new ultra-thin panel  and curved back design give the illusion of an impossibly thin machine and...

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