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Day #10 | Macro Challenge

Day #10 of my Stay Out There 10-Day Challenge!  This means it’s the last day of the Creative Cloud Photography plan giveaway as well.  You’ve got until midnight tonight to enter it at the bottom of this blog post. Earlier in this series I mentioned that...

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Day #7 – Photoshop Sequences

For day #7 of my Stay Out There 10-Day Challenge, I wanted to highlight one of my favourite Photoshop techniques, called a sequence.  This is a technique that involves taking a number of photos in quick succession, and then layering them on top of each other in...

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Dan #6 |Preset Power

  For day #6 of my Stay Out There 10-Day Challenge, I’ve got a confession to make: I use presets to process a lot of my photos. The reason?  Practicality. Once you start shooting a lot of photos, you have to start fine-tuning your workflow, or it’s...

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