My New Favourite Boots for My Winter Photography

I hate to be cold or wet when I’m photographing outdoors. Nothing stifles my creativity faster! When I lived in British Columbia I used to take regular trips to the Rockies, where temperatures would always be a lot lower than my home mountains (Coastal Range BC). For this reason I was somewhat well prepared for my recent move to the Yukon, but there’s still a slight difference between having to put up with occasional temperatures below -18Celsius (0F), and having that be part of your daily routine for several months of the year. In fact its regularly -30Celsius (-22F) here

Keep Those Feet Dry During Your Photo Road Trips

Wintery photography road trips in the Pacific North West usually involve a lot of getting in and out of the car at various locations, and trudging through wet snowy forests. Having wet boots and cold feet sucks, so I recently purchased an awesome set of portable Travel Boot Dryers from Dry Guy that can run off the 12v power outlet in your car. This nifty product has a little fan in each heating element and it gently blows warm air through your boots or gloves as they sit in the back of the car or the passenger footwell. Given the

Behind the Shot: Moonscape Mountaineer

In this image we’re going to talk about the compositional choices and the post processing techniques that were used to create this image of a mountaineer climbing up a snowy slope in the Tantalus Range of British Columbia.

Winter Photography Tips for B&H Photo

A few years ago B&H Photo asked myself and a few other adventure photographers for some advice about shooting in the snow.  I thought it would be a good time to point back to that advice this week as many of us go into a short holiday with lots of opportunity to get outside and capture the winter.  Maybe you’ll even have some new camera gear to play with! You can find the article over at B&H Photo –> HERE.

Behind the Shot: Backcountry Big Air

  This image was taken on the Pemberton Ice Cap near Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.  We accessed the location by snowmobiling out there and it took about an hour to get up here from the car park on the side of the highway.  Every year the snowpack forms a slightly different shape and this was the first time we had seen it for a perfect spot to build a jump in this area.  Dane Tudor is the skier and we were filming for a skiing movie produced by Poorboyz productions.  Dane’s trajectory will actually take him to landing down

Behind the Shot: Nine Queens , Winning Image From Austria

  Award Winner – Best Action Image I was invited to Austria to take part in a freeskiing photo competition at the Nine Queens event. Four photographers were chosen to attend and we spent the week shooting the skiing action as sunrise, sunset and night time. At the end of our time there, we submitted our photos and various prizes were handed out. This image won the main award for Best Action Image.  The skier in the shot is American Olympian, Keri Herman. There’s quite a lot going on here so let’s break it down into different sections: Shot Design and