Keep Those Feet Dry During Your Photo Road Trips

Wintery photography road trips in the Pacific North West usually involve a lot of getting in and out of the car at various locations, and trudging through wet snowy forests. Having wet boots and cold feet sucks, so I recently purchased an awesome set of portable Travel Boot Dryers from Dry Guy that can run off the 12v power outlet in your car.

This nifty product has a little fan in each heating element and it gently blows warm air through your boots or gloves as they sit in the back of the car or the passenger footwell. Given the amount of different sport-specific footwear I own, and the rather damp , and often cold area of the world that I live in, I can’t believe I hadn’t found these before!

They don’t have to be confined to use in your car either. They’ll run just fine off the 120v outlet in your house with the included adapter, and I’ve been using them there to dry my ski boots too.

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Dan Carr

Founder of Shutter Muse, full time photographer and creative educator. Dan lives in the Canadian Yukon, but his wanderlust often sends him in search of images all around the world to meet the needs of clients and readers alike.

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