My Sony Mirrorless Starter Kit

Well, it happened. I sold my Canon DSLR gear that I have used for my whole career, and began to build a new Sony mirrorless system based around the A9 II.

Sony Introduces The Pocket Camera I’ve Always Dreamed Of……

I can count the number of times I’ve been compelled to write about a point and shoot camera on the fingers of one hand.  Today though, Sony have launched the RX100 MKIII and within this diminutive little package lies one single feature that is the sole key to my excitement; an electronic viewfinder. In theory I like to have access to a decent point and shoot camera whenever I’m out and about.  It makes for an excellent way to grab images for social media, blog and newsletter consumption.  My problem with any compact camera has always been the lack of

David McLain & Jerome Thelia On The Calling and Sony’s A99

Whilst attending PhotoPlus Expo recently I had the chance to sit down with National Geographic photographer David McLain and his business partner Jerome Thelia to talk about their recent short The Calling which was shot entirely with Sony’s new full frame DSLR, the A99. Please head on over to ProPhoto Coalition to read that one.  This video is an absolute MUST SEE.  Simply gorgeous !  The A99 looks to me to be the new DSLR video king.    

Sony Takes The Bull By The Horns – RX1, A99 , NEX-6

Anyone that monitors the photographic industry can’t help but notice that Sony has been making some noise in recent years.  Just two or three years ago I wouldn’t dream of looking to them for groundbreaking photo technology or lust-worthy camera hardware but fast forward to 2012 and Sony are making big waves.  As their lens lineup expands and improves, Canon and Nikon need to watch their back because Sony are intent on becoming number one and they are on the right track. Tonight saw the simultaneous launch of a frankly bewildering number of new products for the 2012 Photokina show. 

Sony About To Launch Full Frame Compact – RX1

This week is set to be Sony’s biggest ever week in the photography industry.  Not only are they about to launch the A99, a full frame DSLR with incredible photo and video specs, but they are also set to launch a full frame compact camera called the RX1.  The development has been hinted at by well connected people in the past but the confirmation was broken today by when they got hold of the first image of the upcoming camera.  The only other compact, mirrorless full frame camera on the market is the Leica M9 , and soon to

Are Sony About To Change The Camera Industry ?

It’s not all that often that I feel compelled to write about something based on a rumor but this warrants further discussion for two reasons.  Firstly the source has been remarkably reliable in the past and secondly, what they are rumoring is a real game changer.  Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that Sony’s next NEX cameras will feature support for apps, and an internet connection.  In my opinion this has been a long time coming.  Think of how successful photography apps have been on the iPhone.  Now imagine if that was coupled to a camera that actually had some power

New Sony Large Sensor Compact Camera

I generally skip over point and shoot cameras unless they REALLY grab my attention. There’s just too many of them and I have no use for 99% of them.  Sony have today unveiled the RX100 though which will sit at the top of their P&S lineup and go head to head with the Canon G1X.  The sensor in the RX100 is similar in size to the Nikon 1-Series cameras , though a little smaller than the Canon G1X it is still much bigger than typical P&S cameras.  On top of that, I think this camera actually looks pretty stunning!  I

Sony Demo 8K Stitched Video Of Soccer Match

Ok this was one of the coolest things that I saw at NAB last week.  Sony demoed a setup with 2 of their F65 4K cameras shooting a soccer match and outputting a stitched 8K wide image which could be used in HD production.  Very cool stuff.  Check it out on ProVideo Coalition.

Sony’s New NEX-7 Packs 24MP Sensor Into Tiny Mirrorless Body

The mirror less camera market is a fierce battlefield this year with a seemingly endless stream of new products from Panasonic, Sony and Olympus.  This kind of rivalry is only a good thing for consumers though as the top players fight for the spotlight with new features and impressive price points.  Today Sony unveiled a new top of the line NEX-7 camera ( as well as an NEX-5N) that packs a staggering 24 MP APS-C sensor in an incredibly small package.  Not only does this make it the largest sensor in the mirror less field, but also the largest APS-C

Sony Launches New A77 Camera

As I mentioned in a previous posts this has been Sony’s worst kept secret.  In fact there have been so many leaks about it that I have a hard time believing it to be anything other than intentional on Sony’s part. Regardless it’s a very interesting camera and Sony have every right to create some buzz and fanfare! Lets take a look at the major specs: Video function and OLED Viewfinder The A77 will be the first DSLR to feature 1080p video at a full 60p for beautiful slow motion footage.  Current cameras like the Canon 7d or Nikon D3100

Sony’s Worst Kept Secret – The A77

Sony revealed the shell of a prototype camera at CES 2011 back in January so it’s never been a secret that something interesting is on its way.  In recent weeks though we’ve seen a steady leak of information and even pictures of Sony’s next flagship camera and it appears to boast a very interesting selection of features.  The A77 will be announced on August 24th (alongside an A65) and continue to use the pellicle mirror technology that we saw in the A55 and it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Lets take a look at the major specs: