Sony About To Launch Full Frame Compact – RX1

This week is set to be Sony’s biggest ever week in the photography industry.  Not only are they about to launch the A99, a full frame DSLR with incredible photo and video specs, but they are also set to launch a full frame compact camera called the RX1.  The development has been hinted at by well connected people in the past but the confirmation was broken today by when they got hold of the first image of the upcoming camera.  The only other compact, mirrorless full frame camera on the market is the Leica M9 , and soon to be the M10.

Interestingly though, Sony have decided to make this a fixed lens camera with a 35mm f2.0 lens on it.  Price is said to be in the $3000 area so this is a serious camera but I can’t help thinking most people will simply wait until this trickles down to their NEX line as it surely will within the next 12 months.  Would you spend $3000 for a fixed lens camera ?  That’s a record in its own right I think.  It certainly looks pretty stunning though.

Even with those two cameras it would be a good week for Sony but they are also launching the NEX-6 and apparently a full frame NEX video camera called the VG900.  Canon and Nikon watch your back, Sony is coming for you and they mean business.  Now they need to work on their lens lineup!

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