Are Sony About To Change The Camera Industry ?

It’s not all that often that I feel compelled to write about something based on a rumor but this warrants further discussion for two reasons.  Firstly the source has been remarkably reliable in the past and secondly, what they are rumoring is a real game changer.  Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that Sony’s next NEX cameras will feature support for apps, and an internet connection.  In my opinion this has been a long time coming.  Think of how successful photography apps have been on the iPhone.  Now imagine if that was coupled to a camera that actually had some power and real quality ?  An internet connection that allowed you to apply filters make edits and post images to social media right from the camera?

People are continually dissatisfied with certain UI elements of the cameras they purchase, or the lack of a particular feature.  For example, it boggles my mind that all DSLRs don’t include detailed timelapse functionality.  Why not ?  It’s a simple, simple software code to achieve this sort of thing.  A camera app store would allow developers to create the things we wish our cameras had.  Hopefully Sony would release a dev kit and API for third parties to develop for the camera, and not just make people pay for their own Sony apps.


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