Manfrotto Pro Photo Lino Vest Review

The folks at Manfrotto Canada recently provided me with one of their Lino Photo Vests for evaluation and I’ve been using it for a couple of months now.  Being an item of clothing I felt I should wear it in my introduction video so take a look below as I run through the main features of the vest. Key Features The Manfrotto vest doesn’t have as many pockets as some of its competitors out there like the Domke vest but the most important pockets are well thought out.  Frankly it would be unhealthy to ever fill all of the pockets

Manfrotto 055 Mag Photo-Movie Head Review

DSLRs with HD video capabilities have changed the way many of us shoot and many photographers are being asked to return from assignments with videos, or simply making that choice themselves to make their business stand out from the crowd.  The problem is that DSLR video is incredibly susceptible to camera shake because in-body image stabilization has yet to be implemented in these larger cameras.  Combine that with the tendency to create rolling shutter artifacts when panning too fast and you quickly realize that a good video head (fluid head) is necessary to get even a reasonable job done unless

Manfrotto 503 HDV tripod head review

100531_1686_dancarrManfrotto tripod heads are perhaps the most prolific video heads around. They are easily available and offer a solution for every budget and nearly every type of camera. I have touched on the lightweight, DSLR friendly 701HDV before but I recently had the chance to try out it’s bigger brother. The 503 HDV. The 503 skips over the middle sibling, the 501HDV and adds quite a few extra features and improved weight capacity.

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Ultra Portable lightstand. 386B Nano Clamp

Ever find yourself skiing,snowboarding or biking with a 40lb pack? Chances are your bag is full of speedlights, cameras and lenses with 4 lightstands hanging off the side just waiting to crack you in the side of the head at every turn. This winter when I started to slimline my gear a bit in an effort to save my back, I decided that i needed to find some super lightweight lightstand solutions. I tried out some $10 tripods from ebay, you know the ones, shiny and silver , made from 1/2 mm think aluminum. Lightweight they are, but they are

Video accessories for the Canon 5D Mark II: Part 2 – Video tripod heads

Following on from Part 1 where I took a look at some useful sound accessories for the 5DMKII, this week I’m going to be taking a look at video heads for your tripod. For photographers out there wishing to take advantage of the video capabilities of this camera , there is no getting around the fact that you won’t be able to use your current photographic tripod head. Normally I use a Really Right Stuff BH-40, whilst this does have a separate panning base which might be usable for panning horizontally , it would not allow any vertical panning and