Fuji Launches The X100s

Two years ago Fuji created a storm in the camera market with the launch of the X100.  The retro styling, large APS-C sensor and f2 prime lens was a breath of fresh air and for six months or more after the launch date they were nigh on impossible to get hold of such was their popularity!  I owned one myself for about a year and you can read my review HERE if you need a refresher.  Today Fuji have unveiled the cameras successor and it looks as though they have kept all the good bits of the previous camera and

Fuji Launches New Retro Compact – XF1

Fuji knows how to design a cool looking camera and the new XF1 is no exception. This takes the same sensor from the popular and highly regarded X10 and puts it into a even more svelte package. FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) is proud to announce the launch of the XF1, a pocket-sized premium compact digital camera. This latest addition to Fujifilm’s X-series range of cameras is due to be on sale in November this year. With its perfectly matched lens and sensor, careful attention to detail on appearance and design, and accessible technology, the XF1 extends the X series

Why Bother With The Fuji X-Pro 1? Just Get the X-E1!

So Fuji went and announced a new camera in the X-Series today called the X-E1.  It’s pegged as the more affordable version of the X-Pro 1 but in my mind it makes the X-Pro 1 a now pointless purchase.  You see the X-E1 features the exact same 16MP sensor as its bigger brother, it adds a built in pop-up flash and it is physically quite a bit smaller.  What’s the catch then ?  Well you loose the hybrid optical viewfinder that Fuji touted as the major feature of the Fuji X100 and the X-Pro 1.  But here’s then thing, that

Fuji Announces Wide Angle Lens Adapter For The X100

Interesting to see today that Fuji have unexpectedly launched both a 28mm wide angle lens adapter for the X100 and also firmware version 1.3 .  I think it’s pretty safe to say in that case that we can expect to see this camera current for at least another 6 months.  Now would be as good a time to buy one as any.  I still have my own X100 and yes I still love it!  I’ll definitely be taking a look at this adapter when it comes out. Valhalla, N.Y., May 15, 2012 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced an

Videos From CES

I took some time at CES to chat to people about my favorite cameras there.  You might find out something you don’t know so take a look below.

Fuji Announces Their New X-Pro 1

We’ve already seen some leaks about this camera but now it’s all out in the open.  Fuji, welcome to the interchangeable lens market.  With a classic styling, similar to the ever popular X100 this is sure to be an instant hit.  A unique 16MP sensor manufactured by Fuji themselves requires no anti-aliasing filter due to it’s possibly revolutionary capturing system.  Throw in three super fast prime lenses with an improved hybrid viewfinder and this looks to be the camera that many people have longed for since first seeing the X100.  Confirmation that Fuji will be making a Leica M-Mount lens

Fuji’s Interchangeable Lens Camera – The X-Pro 1

Yesterday we had a small leak that confirmed the name and lenses and the day before we had a dodgy photo.  Now we have a solid leak of photos and specs for the new Fuji X-Pro1. Critical specs 16MP APS-C sensor Second generation Hybrid Viewfinder Three different lenses (18mm f2.0 , 35mm f1.4 , 60mm f2.4 macro) around 1300€ including the 35mm lens Other lenses approx. 600€ Mount is all new X-Mount with a flange distance of 17,7mm The optical viewfinder will adapt its enlargement to the lens focal length Lenses are all metal construction   First thoughts ?  Well

Fuji X-Pro1 Name And Lenses Leaked

Just a day after I posted some rumored photos of the upcoming new Fuji camera has been referenced in an article on the Wells Fargo investment website, including information on the three lenses that will be available for it. Critical Specs 16MP APS-C sensor Second generation Hybrid Viewfinder Three different lenses (18mm f2.0 , 35mm f1.4 , 60mm f2.4)

Fuji Launches New X10 Camera – The X100’s Little Brother!

Hot on the heels of their success with the X100 (which I reviewed and loved!), Fuji has today officially launched the X10.  Where the X100 looked to redefine large sensor, compact prime lens market with it’s APS-C sensor and 24mm f2.0 lens, the X10 seeks to redefine the premium point and shoot market with a 28-112mm zoom lens and a 12MP 2/3″ sensor.  To be honest it’s caught me a little bit by surprise because we knew about the X100 for many months before it’s launch and this one seems to have come out of the blue apart from a

Fuji X10 Vs. X100

The Fuji x100 is a phenomenally successful camera, even 6 months after it hit store shelves it’s still in short supply. I reviewed it myself and fell in love with it but the price tag isn’t for everyone, neither is the fixed 24mm prime lens. In September 2011 Fujifilm announced the X10 which addresses both of these considerations so I figured I would write up a comparison to help people choose between the two. At first glance they look fairly similar as both are based around the same rear screen and controls and a similar magnesium chassis but in fact

Fujifilm X100 priced at $1200 – Pre Orders now being taken!

I’ve written about this camera several times because I am personally very excited.  You can read my full preview of the x100 here.  The camera has received an incredible amount of attention since it was first shown at PMA and I expect it to sell very well.  If you’d like to get one shortly after it’s release you will most definitely have to place a pre order.  Adorama has the X100 for  $1199.99 right here. B&H has also followed suit and has the camera for pre order at the same price.

Some Predictions For The Photography Industry in 2011

Last week I went through 10 new years resolutions for 2011 and today I want to put down some predictions for how 2011 will shape up.  I haven’t done this before, but if nothing else it’ll be fun to look back on in a years time!  None of this stuff is based on any secret inside sources that I have , just pure conjecture based on readily available information and my knowledge of the industry. Nikon Nikon will certainly release a mirroless interchangeable lens camera sometime in Q2 or Q3 this year.  We have seen many patents filed for such