Fuji’s Interchangeable Lens Camera – The X-Pro 1

Yesterday we had a small leak that confirmed the name and lenses and the day before we had a dodgy photo.  Now we have a solid leak of photos and specs for the new Fuji X-Pro1.

Critical specs

  • 16MP APS-C sensor
  • Second generation Hybrid Viewfinder
  • Three different lenses (18mm f2.0 , 35mm f1.4 , 60mm f2.4 macro)
  • around 1300€ including the 35mm lens
  • Other lenses approx. 600€
  • Mount is all new X-Mount with a flange distance of 17,7mm
  • The optical viewfinder will adapt its enlargement to the lens focal length
  • Lenses are all metal construction


First thoughts ?  Well as we’ve come to expect from Fuji recently it’s a gorgeous looking camera.  The lenses are quite a bit larger that I was expecting, and probably weight quite a lot with a metal construction and lots of fast glass.

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