Behind the Shot: Railway Through the Rockies

This photo was taken at a famous spot called Morant’s Curve, which is viewable from the edge of the Bow Valley Parkway, just outside Lake Louise, Alberta. It’s hard to imagine a view that better sums up many people’s image of the Canadian Rockies! When I’m in the Canadian Rockies, I usually drive along the Bow Valley Parkway to get between Banff and Lake Louise. The parkways runs parallel to the much faster main highway, but there’s ample opportunities to see wildlife if you take the more scenic parkway. Near the Lake Louise end of this road, the famous Morant’s …

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Behind the Shot: Winter Bends

This week we take a look at a beautiful snowy road in British Columbia for the Behind the Shot breakdown. How did I edit the photo to control the viewers vision through image? Find out in the post!

Behind the Shot: Cambodian Fisherman

I was in Cambodia for a couple weeks on an exploratory photo mission, several days of which were spent touring around with some local guides in a 4×4 so that we could get off the beaten path. It’s one of my most memorable photographic experiences and I’ll never forget how friendly the people are in that country. On our way back from a 4-day excursion up to the Northern border with Thailand, we passed through an incredible thunderstorm and as they so often do in monsoon season, it cleared just in time for the sun to set. As we drove …

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Behind the Shot: Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

There’s an interesting compositional trick used in this shot, and it’s NOT the “rule of thirds”. Can you tell what it is? Read on to find out why my angle to the bridge really mattered.