Behind the Shot: Mountain Bike Selfie

Mountain biking is one of my favourite hobbies and I wanted to challenge myself to create an interesting image in my “backyard” of British Columbia.  I love being behind the camera, but always thought it would be cool to have a good mountain biking photo of myself.  I decided to take on this challenge, and create a custom remote system that was integrated into my bike, so that I could trigger a camera and a flash whilst I was riding the bike. After experimenting with a bunch of different switches from my local hardware store, I settled on a pushbutton

Behind the Shot: Tiny Tree Biker (Photoshop Composite Project)

This image is a little unusual for me because it involves fairly heavy usage of Photoshop which is not something I typically do. I wanted to improve some of my Photoshop knowledge, and there’s no better way to do that than rolling up your sleeves and jumping right in. In particular, I wanted to experiment with creating a composite image – one which was created by combing two or more photos into a single, final shot. As an avid mountain biker, sometimes I have daydreamed about riding around in the incredible trees that grow in by home province of British

Behind the Shot: Camera on the Wing!

I often try and capture photos of me being me. They come in handy for use with website interviews, magazine pieces, social media posts and profiles with brands that support me in one way or another. In this instance, the opportunity came up to mount a GoPro onto the wing of a plane that I was using for some aerial landscape photography work. If you want to see some of the resulting images, check out the full timelapse further down the page where you’ll find some of the final photos edited into it. When I first posted the video on