Month: May 2012

Nikon Posts Firmware For D800 and D4 To Fix Lockup Issue

Many new owners of D4s and D800s were plagues with intermittent lockups.  Nikon has now posted firmware updates to fix this issue.  Get the D800 fix HERE and the D4 fix HERE. Official Fix When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp glowed steadily, and, in some rare cases, the camera ceased to respond to operations. This issue has been resolved. When the Wireless Transmitter WT-4 was used with certain settings applied, RAW images were also transferred when Wireless transmitter > Transfer settings > Send file as was set to JPEG only. This issue has been resolved. A dark shadow sometimes appeared at the bottom edge of images captured with Active D-Lighting set to any option other than Off with Image area set to 5:4 (30×24). This issue has been resolved. Widgets...

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Only Three Days Left In Canon’s Current Rebate Round

Canon’s current double rebate program only has three days left on the clock.  Depending on the camera / lens combination you can save up to $550.  This is always the best time to grab something for your summer. Head on over to B&H where they have a really nicely designed special set of pages to figure out your double rebate savings when you purchase a camera and a...

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Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate Review

If you are even remotely serious about shooting video with a DSLR then you’ll quickly find that you need to add a few accessories.  For me a follow focus is the first thing I would pick up, as you’ll see in the following photos I use the excellent O’Connor F-Focus DM.  To attach a follow focus unit, and many other cine style accessories to your camera you are going to need a way to add rods.  In the cine world there are three rod standards: 15mm lightweight, 15mm studio and 19mm studio.  If you aren’t familiar with these then...

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Canon 5D MKIII Now Supported in Lightroom 4

Adobe has released an update today, Lightroom 4.1 which adds RAW support for the Canon 5D MKIII to Lightroom 4.  Looks like it’s time to upgrade finally ! The update also adds support for the new Leica X2 and the Leica Monochrom if your pockets are that deep, as well as adding many new lens profiles such as the worth-its-weight-in-gold Leica Summicron 50mm. Download the updates from Adobe and read a full list of bug fixes and newly supported cameras : Lightroom 4 update. ACR 7.1...

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Pre-Orders Being Taken For New Canon Primes – 24mm and 28mm with IS

Launched some months ago, we are now nearing delivery of the new Canon 24mm and 28mm primes with IS.  I had a chance to try out both of these lenses at a Canon event in Vancouver earlier in the year.  Read this write up for my first impressions and some sample images.  I think when these lenses were fist announced the whole community let out a collective huh?  Non-L primes with IS and f2.8 ?  Well that is the way I certainly felt until I got my hands on them.  They are built very nicely, not quite L-quality but close.  I expect these to be very popular with the video crowd due to the image stabilization and also highly popular with travel photographers.  When I travel I typically put my 24mm f1.4 L II on my camera.  These new lenses with IS will be able to achieve images in similar low light levels though.  As long as you don’t need a faster shutter speed to stop action movement.  These new lenses are about 1/3 of the weight and maybe half the size of my big chunk 24mm f1.4 though, a pretty compelling option.  Judging by my first quick sample images the quality of these lenses is also very good.  I might purchase the 28mm myself for traveling with.  B&H is stating a June 17th shipping date.   Pre-Order Links...

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