Following this mornings announcement from Canon that the new 500mm and 600mm lenses were now beginning to ship to dealers in Europe, B&H has updated their site to allow pre-orders of these two exciting new lenses.  This usually only happens when items are expected to arrive in stock relatively soon.  There’s a lot of buzz around what look likely to be Canon’s sharpest ever lenses and with people having to have waited more than a year for these to finally come to market I would expect demand to be relatively high initially for such a high priced item.  If you want to get one quickly I suggest you jump in line!

B&H Pre-Order Links

Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM Telephoto Lens
Canon 500mm f/4L EF IS II USM Telephoto Lens

Adorama Pre-Order Links

Canon 500mm f/4L EF IS II

Canon 600mm f/4L EF IS II


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