Month: February 2012

Photo Mechanic & Lightroom Workflow

I’ve posted a detailed video about what makes Photo Mechanic a must have program for many journalists and sports photographers before. But many people also like the easy adjustment tools of Adobe Lightroom.  This video walks you through how to setup a workflow that incorporates the best of both of these programs. For more detailed ingest tutorial please see my previous video....

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Pocketwizard Launches the Plus III

LPA Designs have today announced the third iteration of the Pocketwizard Plus lineup.  It integrates several of the features of the Multimax into a smaller, cheaper package that will actually sell for $30 less than the previous version!  Great news!  There has been considerable physical design changes too including a built in antenna and a sideways profile so as not to get in the way of the photographers view when mounted to the camera.  There is a new long range mode designed for remote camera usage, a repeater function (which was previously confined to the Multimax), 32 channels and a host of other features.  This looks to be an excellent update to the Plus II and LPA designs should be applauded for bringing it a lower price point. Personally I am hoping that the new aerial design will help with the fluctuations in usable distance that you experience with the Plus II and Multimax when you switch the camera from landscape to portrait orientation.  Previously, both transmitting and receiving aerials needed to be pointed vertically to get the best range.  This meant that sometimes it would work in landscape, only to glitch and miss fire when switching to portrait. The price is $139.00 and is currently available for pre-order at B&H.             Press Release LPA Design Announces New PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver Easy-to-use, feature-packed radio trigger...

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Canon’s Super Tele Shipping Dates Slip Again

Last month we heard the planned ship date had slipped back to April for the new 500mm and 60mm f2 L IS II lenses.  Now, again via The Digital Picture   we are hearing that things have now slipped to May.  This is getting a bit frustrating for those of us who are waiting for one of these lenses!  I really need to have my new 500mm for a trip in June and this is looking increasingly unlikely. From Canon: “We appreciate your understanding and continued support.”...

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Hands On With The New Canon 24-70 & 24mm + 28mm IS Primes

Recently Canon announced the introduction of three new lenses to their EF lineup.  The long awaited 24-70 f2.8 L II finally broke cover as well as two wide prime lenses with IS, the first of their kind.  Much has been made about the projected $2300 price point for the new 24-70 though which is about $1200 more than you can currently get the previous version for.  In the last couple of years Canon have updated some old lenses and introduced some new ones, all of which I have found to be exemplary so my gut feeling is that for...

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