Month: May 2010

Manfrotto 503 HDV tripod head review

Manfrotto tripod heads are perhaps the most prolific video heads around. They are easily available and offer a solution for every budget and nearly every type of camera. I have touched on the lightweight, DSLR friendly 701HDV before but I recently had the chance to try out it’s bigger brother. The 503 HDV. The 503 skips over the middle sibling, the 501HDV and adds quite a few extra features and improved weight capacity. 701 HDV 501 HDV 503 HDV Weight 0.83 KG 1.6 KG 1.95KG Capacity 4 KG 6KG 8KG Price Approx. $160 Approx. $190 Approx. $360 Features Continuously-variable...

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25% Off F-Stop Tilopa backpack + Free Gift for Memorial weekend!

F-Stop gear is having a great sale this weekend on the Tilopa backpack to honor the military (up to and including Monday 31st May). This bag has been extremely popular this year so this is a great opportunity for you to save 25% and also get a FREE F-Stop t-shirt in the deal. To get the discount simply follow this link to the F-Stop store and then at the checkout enter the promotional code Cap-Nick in the discount code section on the last page of the checkout. I also have a review and more photos of my F-Stop Satori which is a very very similar bag to the Tilopa. The difference being that the Tilopa comes with a slightly smaller internal camera compartment and is also about 2 inches shorter in overall height. Tilopa Specs: Volume: 50 Liter / 3,100 Cubic Inches Weight: 2032 Grams – 4.47lbs (With Full ICU) / 1392 Grams – 3.07lbs (No ICU) Dimensions: 12 x 24″ x 10″ Internal Compartment Dimensions: 12 x 22 x 10” Internal Compartment Space Available with Large ICU: 7 tall ½ “on each side, extra depth taken by laptop sleeve. Torso Length: 18.5″ Metal internal Frame for support carrying heavy loads. Fabric Info: Ballistic Rip-stop Nylon, Abrasion Resistant Nylon Webbing, High Density foam, Heavy Gauge Zippers, YKK Waterproof Zippers, Waterproof Urethane coasted...

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GoPro Hero HD Review

I picked up a HD Helmet HERO helmet package back in January and have taken it with me in my camera bag for most of the winter. The Hero camera is available in several different packages depending on what you want to document. I picked the Hero Helmet package as I primarily wanted to have it with me when I was skiing. But you can also buy an HD Motorsports Hero if you want to record some laps at your local track day, an HD Surf Hero if you want to show your off your surf skills from your...

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Pocketwizard brings control to Elinchrom and Alien Bees strobes.

Users of pocketwizards and Elinchrom or Alien Bees flashes rejoice! A couple of days ago Pocketwizard announced a couple of pretty cool sounding new products. The PowerST4 and the AC9 adapter for Elinchrom and Alien Bees strobes respectively. They both work in different ways so let me break it down differently… Pocketwizard AC9 Firstly if you have just purchased the new Paul C Buff Einstein lights let me break your heart now and let you know the AC9 does not work with those lights (though intriguingly Paul himself has hinted that there is something else in the works that we dont know about yet). The new AC9 works by connecting a TT5 transceiver to the RJ11 jack on the Alien Bees and White lighting strobes, the Einstein lights do not support the RJ11 and instead communicate using a transceiver. The recommended pricing for the AC9 is $55 BUT you need to pair it with a TT5 transceiver for it to work. These currently sell for about $230 so if you don’t already own a TT5 the system is going to set you back $285 which is pretty steep but it has potential to save you a lot of running around during a shoot. Thankfully the Elinchrom solution is much cheaper but I’ll get to that in a bit. Plugging the AC9 into the hot-shoe on top of your TT5...

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Sony NEX-3 & NEX-5

The popularity of smaller form-factor cameras such as the Panasonic and Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras in on the increase. Samsung recently introduced their version, the NX-10 with its mirrorless design and APS-C sized sensor. Sony announced their intention to join the so called EVIL camera market back at PMA when they displayed prototype cameras, but today the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras were finally made official. And at first glace it looks like they will have been worth the wait! The striking design somehow manages to hide a 14 megapixel APS-C sized sensor inside and a swiveling 3″ screen. Spec list: 14 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (bigger than M4/3) Sony E-series lens mount Shutter speed: 30 to 1/4000th of a second 1280×720 video mode (NEX-3) 1920×1080 AVCVHD video mode (NEX-5) 2.7FPS burst shooting, 7FPS in special mode Memory Stick and SD card slots (SDXC supported) File Formats ; JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW, MPEG4. Swivelling 3″ LCD ISO 200-12800 Price: 250/~$320 (body only) When the cameras are released there will be 3 lenses available: 16mm f2.8 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 There will also be a range of accessories including a fisheye adapter for the 16mm lens, a flash and an optical viewfinder to work with the 16mm f2.8. One website accidentally leaked information and test photos a day early and the high ISO photos up to 3200 looked remarkably good. It seems...

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