Canon’s New EF Cine Lenses Up For Order

As well as Canon’s new EOS C300 camera being made available for order today, B&H also have new Cinema EOS lenses that will be a perfect compliment for this camera. Last week at CES I had some hands on time with the new zooms and they are meticulously constructed, a joy to use. Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 L S Cinema Zoom Lens with EF Mount Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 L SP Cinema Zoom Lens with PL Mount Canon CN-E 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L S EF Mount Cinema Zoom Lens Canon CN-E 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP PL Mount Cinema Zoom Lens

Canon Drops Price For C300 And Opens Pre-Orders For Jan 30th Shipping

We thought they might, we hoped they might…… and they did.  Canon have just announced that their new flagship digital cinema camera, the EOS C300, will launch at a price of $15,999.  This is $4000 less than they originally told people, due largely in part to the backlash of the film making community.  Only 18 stores will be stoking the C300 and you can bet that there will be a HUGE rush to get these in the early stages.  If your company is considering purchasing one then I would urge you to place a pre-order with B&H Photo HERE.  You

CES Report – JVC’s New 4K Camera + Upcoming Large Sensor Version

At CES this week I was able to catch up with Craig Yanagi, Marketing Manager for JVC’s professional video division and he went through the features of the new 4k GY-HMQ10 camera as well as showing me a prototype version of a previously unseen interchangeable lens, large sensor 4k camera which they are developing. Please head on over to my post on ProPhoto Coalition for the full article.  

My First Video Surpassed A Quarter Of A Million Views

Whilst uploading a new video to my Vimeo channel last week I noticed that the very first video I ever created has now been viewed more than 285,000 times!  I can’t believe it !  The bulk of my creative work continues to be photographic but this video is a good reminder to me that I need to get out there and shoot more videos from time to time.  No special equipment was used to shoot the video, I simply used the things I already had for my photography business and shot it with a Canon 5dMKII.  Apart from being the

Canon To Make An Historic Announcement on November 3rd

I rarely publish rumors here, but this isn’t really a rumors as invitations are out there.  On November 3rd Canon will make ” An Historic Announcement” at a location in Hollywood.  The location of the event obviously implies that this is related to the film industry rather than anything photography related.  Will we finally see a large sensor video camera from Canon ?  Ef mount or PL mount with a Super 35 sensor ?  Or will it have a 4k sensor ?

It’s always seemed odd that Canon didn’t jump head first into the large sensor wars with the Panasonic AF100 and the Sony F3 and FS100.  The technology was there already in the Canon DSLRs so it made sense.  Yet Canon never unveiled anything…… perhaps because they knew that 1080p is a standard that is on it’s way out ?  4k will be the new standard, of that there is no question so perhaps Canon spent the time working towards 4k in a more affordable package than something like  RED Epic of the new Sony F65 ?  At photoplus Expo last year they did show a working 4k sensor in a camera that was deemed a “concept” only.  At IBC last week in Amsterdam JVC showed the first camcorder with a 4k sensor as well, so 4k will be coming to the masses, it’s only a matter of time.

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Canon 60D Vs 7D

Browsing some websites and forums this morning I noticed a lot of discussion about the new Canon 60D and how it compares with the 7D.  I can understand this, at first glance it might seem like the 60D has made the 7D somewhat obsolete but that really is not the case.  A closer look at the specs reveals a camera that more carefully fits into the “advanced amateur” category than previous XXD line cameras because of course the 7D did not exist when the 50D was released.  The camera that is best for you will depend partly on your budget

Z-Finder Jr Review and comparison to Z-Finder Pro

100601_1908_dancarrIf you have taken more than a passing interest into the video capabilities of your DSLR camera then you will probably have thought about getting some sort of viewfinder for the LCD screen. With the DSLR cameras lacking the ergonomics of traditional video camera design, such viewfinders are probably the most useful accessory to aid video shooting. Not only do they permit easier manual focusing with a clear view of the screen, but they also add stability to hand held shooting with an extra point of contact to your body.

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Test driving Photoshop CS5?s Content aware fill

Adobe release Photoshop CS5 a couple of days ago and one of the most talked about features is the content aware fill tool. I recorded a quick demo of it this morning with a couple of potential uses. I don’t think its quite the “black magic” that it seemed to be when Adobe demonstrated it but it could be a time saver in some situations. Just using the tool on its own though rarely does the job, it still needs considerable touching up with the healing tool and brushes but at least it can get you in the ball park

RED Scarlet update December 09

1259645774Almost exactly a year ago I posted some information about the RED Scarlet Camera. Since that time there have been a number of “announcements” from the company but most of them have said more or less the same thing. “The cameras are delayed , but here is some more computer generated graphics of something that might possibly look like the camera when it finally arrives”. I would imagine that Jim Janard and his crew at RED have had to re-think a few elements of their designs in an attempt to combat the surprising success of Canons DSLRs in the video field.

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Shooting video with the Canon 5dMKII – Part 3

When I decided I needed to get this video stuff dialed, I needed something to shoot. There’s no point trying to figure this all out unless you have a purpose and some footage to play with. Leigh Powis, a local skier from Whistler, told about his crazy plan to put a trampoline on top of a cliff to help him practice a few new tricks before the winter. This was the perfect chance to try filming some action AND some lifestyle. So below is my very first ever video with the 5dMKII. We shot it on 3 different days for

Shooting video with a Canon 5dMKII – Part 1

When I first got the 5dMKII last winter, the camera world was buzzing about the incredible HD video that it can shoot as well as the beautiful 21MP images. This will be great I thought, I can shoot some videos in between shooting photos. When it actually came down to it though, nice idea as it is, I didn’t have the time mid-winter to learn about shooting video and editing HD video or learn about all the weird idiosyncrasies that the 5d’s video has. I made a couple of short videos that never turned out how I expected and then

How to make a sequence in Photoshop.

I get asked this question every week so I have finally got round to making a tutorial video about it. Photoshop Tutorial :: How to make a sequence from Dan Carr on Vimeo.