I rarely publish rumors here, but this isn’t really a rumors as invitations are out there.  On November 3rd Canon will make ” An Historic Announcement” at a location in Hollywood.  The location of the event obviously implies that this is related to the film industry rather than anything photography related.  Will we finally see a large sensor video camera from Canon ?  Ef mount or PL mount with a Super 35 sensor ?  Or will it have a 4k sensor ?

It’s always seemed odd that Canon didn’t jump head first into the large sensor wars with the Panasonic AF100 and the Sony F3 and FS100.  The technology was there already in the Canon DSLRs so it made sense.  Yet Canon never unveiled anything…… perhaps because they knew that 1080p is a standard that is on it’s way out ?  4k will be the new standard, of that there is no question so perhaps Canon spent the time working towards 4k in a more affordable package than something like  RED Epic of the new Sony F65 ?  At photoplus Expo last year they did show a working 4k sensor in a camera that was deemed a “concept” only.  At IBC last week in Amsterdam JVC showed the first camcorder with a 4k sensor as well, so 4k will be coming to the masses, it’s only a matter of time.

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