Gear Check: Really Right Stuff TFC-24L Mk2 Tripod

Long-term blog readers will know that I’ve relied on tripods and heads from Really Right Stuff for many years. For a long time the TVC-24L was my primary tripod – I just loved the height to which it could extend, even for a tripod of relatively modest weight. With it’s 40lb load rating I trusted that tripod with the heaviest of Canon super telephoto lenses and greatly appreciated the light weight while traveling. Then along came the TFC-14 which had a fixed apex (the platform on top of the tripod) at the top of the legs, compared to the removable

Gear Check: RRS Gimbal Case

These days I find myself using a gimbal head for about half of my photography so it’s a really important part of my kit alongside my regular ballhead. My gimbal of choice has always been the Really Right Stuff PG-02, but if you aren’t familiar with all the choices out there, you might want to look at a gimbal guide that I wrote for Shutter Muse: Best Photography Gimbal Guide. I know there’s a few RRS gimbal users amongst you because I have been singing its praises for many years, so I wanted to show you a cool new gimbal

New Article In Really Right Stuff’s Magazine

I’ve always been a huge fan of Really Right Stuff support gear so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest issue of their magazine. If you’re a previous customer than you probably already had a print copy of this land on your doorstep at some point, and if not, you can download a copy for free on this page. Hope you enjoy the insights! PS. Over on Shutter Muse last month, I wrote one of the longest gear comparisons that I’ve ever tackled. I compared every single Really Right Stuff ballhead, levelling head and gimbal! Check

Gear Check: Really Right Stuff Micro Clamp (B2-FABN-Micro)

This week I stuck my hand in my little support accessory case and pulled out the Really Right Stuff B2-FABN-Micro clamp to show you guys. This tiny little Arca Swiss compatible clamp is another item I carry around for all sort of different uses. As you can see, it has two 1/4″ 20 threaded sockets on the bottom so you can screw it onto things like light stands, pocket tripods and ball heads. It also has two strap lugs on it for attaching a camera strap, and a QD socket in the middle. The QD socket is a kind of

Gear Check: FA-HSA Hot Shoe Adapter From Really Right Stuff

Last month I came across this awesome little accessory that I think many people might find different uses for. It’s called the FA-HSA Hot Shoe Adapter and it’s made by Really Right Stuff, makers of the best camera support gear on the planet in my opinion (just check my gear list!). Note that at the moment, the FA-HSA is not listed amongst all the other RRS gear on the B&H Photo website for some reason. I suspect this is because it’s a relatively new addition to their lineup. You can buy it direct from RRS though, and I’ll make sure to

The Search For My Ultimate Tripod Setup – Really Right Stuff TVC-33s

Having broken my tripod recently I decided to look at what the high end of the market has to offer.  A cheap tripod rarely does you any favors and whilst my previous one wasn’t exactly cheap, I’d often wanted a bit more stability and a generally nicer feel to things.  I did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews, blog posts and forum threads and narrowed things quickly down to Gitzo and Really Right Stuff. I’m a big fan of Really Right Stuff products in general and I use their BH-40 ballhead as well as an MH-01 on

Really Right Stuff (RRS) BH-40 Ballhead mini review

Over the last couple of years I have experimented with with several different ballheads and failed to find what I was looking for. I don’t use a ballhead very often for my work but when i do need one, i need one that is going to be reliable in fairly hostile environments. Last year I was let down by ballheads from other brands in key situations so I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up an RRS BH-40. At almost $400 its relatively expensive but hopefully this will be the last ballhead I have to buy for many