How to Mount a GoPro onto an Aquatech Underwater Housing

I thought it might be fun to put my GoPro on my Aquatech underwater housing to record some clips to share on social media, and probably here on the blog. Initially I figured I’d probably have to MacGyver something together to mount a clamp to the top of the housing, but it tuns out that Aquatech are one step ahead of me and they actually make a specific adapter that screws to the top of the housing. At $70 it’s kind of pricey for what it is, but I also value my time and it would save me a lot …

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A GoPro Still Doesn’t Have a Photo Timer?!?

I currently own a GoPro Hero5 and I’ve had a Hero4 Black and a Hero3 in the past. To be honest, I rarely use them, but occasionally I get one out to capture a behind-the-scenes perspective of something I’m working on. When the Hero5 came out last year I was pretty excited by the prospect of RAW photo capability so I quickly upgraded from my Hero4 Black. Unfortunately the GoPro Hero5 lacks a vital feature that literally every other camera in the world has: a self timer. For a camera that is designed to be used to take photos and

Behind the Shot: Camera on the Wing!

I often try and capture photos of me being me. They come in handy for use with website interviews, magazine pieces, social media posts and profiles with brands that support me in one way or another. In this instance, the opportunity came up to mount a GoPro onto the wing of a plane that I was using for some aerial landscape photography work. If you want to see some of the resulting images, check out the full timelapse further down the page where you’ll find some of the final photos edited into it. When I first posted the video on

GoPro Launches New Hero 3+ Black and Silver

GoPro has launched an update to their awesome Hero 3 Black and Silver cameras today and there’s some interesting updates across the board.  Before we delve into the differences, take a look at the video below and have your mind blown! Order the GoPro Hero 3+ What’s New? This is more of a bump than a jump, and those looking for a proper 4k mode will be disapointed as we still just get 15fps in 4k BUT there are some nice tweaks that are worth looking at and certainly if you’re still using a Hero 2 then this would be

GoPro Launches New HD Hero2

GoPro have launched the new HD Hero2 today with several interesting new features.  Most important for me is that the 170 degree field of view is now available in full 1920×1080 resolution.  They have also addressed the terrible menu system from the previous version and replaced it with a much more user friendly version, though still only operated by the two button system as before.  Initial reports say that low light performance is NOT greatly improved over the previous version despite what GoPro says, but the overall sharpness of the image in normal situations is much better.  Another handy new

GoPro Hero HD Review

goPro_review1_dancarrI picked up a HD Helmet HERO helmet package back in January and have taken it with me in my camera bag for most of the winter. The Hero camera is available in several different packages depending on what you want to document. I picked the Hero Helmet package as I primarily wanted to have it with me when I was skiing. But you can also buy an HD Motorsports Hero if you want to record some laps at your local track day, an HD Surf Hero if you want to show your off your surf skills from your summer holiday. Or simply get the HD Naked Hero which forgoes any possible mounting options and allows you to pick and choose the mounts that best suit you from the web store. All of the packages contain the same GoPro HD HERO Camera and the fully waterproof housing that you can see in the photo on the left here. On top of that the Helmet package contains multiple methods to attach it to your helmet, and also a head strap that allows you to wear it without a helmet.

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