RED Announces The Scarlet-X

I’ve totally lost track about when we first heard the name Scarlet.  Either way it doesn’t really matter because what we heard about back then has long gone.  Red do not stand still and the specs and price of the Scarlet have evolved continually over the last few years around the launch of the spectacular Epic camera.  Today we finally get to see what they have settled on.           Important Specs 5k Stills (5120×2700) 4k Motion Lower data rate than the Epic 4K Quad HD at 30 fps … 3K at 48 fps, 2K at 60 …

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Canon Launches The EOS C300 – Super35 Digital Video Camera

Ever since the somewhat accidental success of the Canon 5dMKII in the film making industry we’ve been waiting for Canon to incorporate their large sensor video capabilities into a camera that was designed from the ground up with this purpose in mind.  Many video capable DSLRs have come and gone since the 5dMKII launch but almost without exception they still had the same drawbacks of it’s predecessor when it came to more professional production.  Highly compressed footage, no XLR inputs for pro audio gear and no HD-SDI for pro monitoring gear.  In the mean time Canon’s competitors have released cameras

RED To Begin Shipping Canon Epic Mounts On Sept. 9th

Red announced today that the long awaited Canon mount for their EPIC cameras will begin shipping on September 9th to the first people who pre-ordered them.  Further orders are being taken now for a price of $2000.  The mount itself is machined out of solid titanium and features a safe locking ring to further solidify the connection between camera and lens.  Right out of the gate it looks as though they have firmware programmed to work with a majority of Canon lenses, with more to be added very shortly (and some third party ones like Sigma). When a supported lens

RED Scarlet / Epic Announcement. What does it mean for us?

Jim Jannard, billionaire ex-owner of eye wear giant Oakley, announced today a new camera system that should give most professional photographers some considerable food for thought. Jannard’s company, RED, has already caused quite a stir in the movie industry over the last couple of years with the introduction of what is widely held as the best digital cinema camera, RED One. Today the company unveiled a new system that not only aims to continue their domination of digital cinema technology, but at the same time take the company into the world of high-end digital still photography. Two industries that have