RED Announces The Scarlet-X

I’ve totally lost track about when we first heard the name Scarlet.  Either way it doesn’t really matter because what we heard about back then has long gone.  Red do not stand still and the specs and price of the Scarlet have evolved continually over the last few years around the launch of the spectacular Epic camera.  Today we finally get to see what they have settled on.






Important Specs

  • 5k Stills (5120×2700)
  • 4k Motion
  • Lower data rate than the Epic
  • 4K Quad HD at 30 fps … 3K at 48 fps, 2K at 60 fps, 1K at 120 fps
  • 2k 60 fps
  • Level of .r3d compression won’t be as good as EPIC
  • Same sized sensor as Epic
  • Delivery Dec 1st, scarlet comes with Side SSD, Brain, Canon new Canon mount…
  • Nov 17thshipping for non-ti mount ship date
  • Comes in Grey, dark grey – every EPIC thing works on scarlet
  • 5K: 12fps HDRx: 6fps
    4K: 1-25FPS
    4K QuadHD: 30fps
    3K: 48FPS
    2K: 60FPS
  • $9750 for the brain
  • $11,250 with current Canon mount
  • $13,000 Package deal LCD side handle etc
  • Upgradeable to Red Dragon sensor in the future but upgrade price will be higher than upgrading an Epic as more boards need changing.


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