3 Reasons I Love My Aquatech Underwater Housing

I’ve not long been home from my epic trip to dive with sea lions in British Columbia so I thought I’d share a few things about my Aquatech gear that I absolutely love. This isn’t some sponsored post, I bought all my underwater gear from them at full retail price just like everyone else. Upgrade Paths Unlike more expensive dive housings, if you buy a new camera you don’t need to buy an entirely new Aquatech housing. Instead they will sell you a conversion kit which essentially consists of a new baseplate, a new back plate to mimic the rear

How to Mount a GoPro onto an Aquatech Underwater Housing

I thought it might be fun to put my GoPro on my Aquatech underwater housing to record some clips to share on social media, and probably here on the blog. Initially I figured I’d probably have to MacGyver something together to mount a clamp to the top of the housing, but it tuns out that Aquatech are one step ahead of me and they actually make a specific adapter that screws to the top of the housing. At $70 it’s kind of pricey for what it is, but I also value my time and it would save me a lot

Behind the Shot: Just Keep Swimming

For those of you that are following these posts in order, I realize there has been a bit of a gap since the last BTS post. I’m going to try and keep things a little steadier from now on, but I got a bit sidetracked with things like the backpacking gear series. Ooops! Sorry. Equipment Used for this Shot Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye Aquatech Elite 5D water housing  PD-85 dome port English Springer Spaniel Lexar Professional 128GB CF Cards Adobe Lightroom CC I wanted to share this photo with you because it’s a fun shot,

The Importance of Being Prepared As a Professional

A few weeks ago I was photographing the Slush Cup event in Whistler for a client and the weather forecast was all over the map in the preceding few days. When working in the mountains, if it’s anything but a high pressure system and bluebird weather then I’ll always be prepared for pretty much anything. You can’t book a job and not deliver the goods because the weather was too severe for your equipment, there’s always a photo to be had and a way to get it! The question is often asked, “what makes a professional photographer?” or “what makes a

Think Tank Vs. Aquatech Eyepieces

I recently began using the new Aquatech Sport Shield Rain Covers for some of my camera setups and I’ve been incredibly impressed by them. Just like the Think Tank rain covers, the Aquatech ones require the use of a camera-specific eye piece. When I first wrote this blog post Think Tank were selling their eyepieces for $35 and the Aquatech ones were only $20. Much of the purpose of the post was to inform people that the Aquatech one work with the Think Tank covers, and therefore you can save yourself a bit of money. Well, fast-forward a little bit

Aquatech Launches Canon 5D Mark 3 Water Housing

Aquatcech have unveiled their new housing for the Canon 5D Mark 3 today, the DCV-V3.  Essentially the design remains unchanged from previous versions but of course updated to account for the new button layout of the 5DMK3.  You can also purchase an upgrade kit to convert both your previous DCV-v2 5D MK2 housing, or your 7D housing. Price looks to be $1895

Quick Review: Aquatech Monopod Wrap

The Australian company Aquatech are best known for their underwater camera housings but over the last few years they have been slowly releasing a range of very well thought out accessories for photographers and in particular, long lens shooters.  I have an assignment coming up in June that will see me carrying my longest glass around on my monopod for a whole week whilst putting in some serious leg work.  While looking over the B&H website last week I noticed this new monopod wrap from Aquatech and thought it might come in handy.  It also coincided with some shooting I

ThinkTank Hydrophobia 70-200 Flash rain cover review

NOTE: The reviewed version of the Hydrophobia 70-200 has now been replaced by an updated, improved version. Details of the new version can be found here. Many things have changed, and the prices have been reduced, so this review is no longer relevant. Torrential rain or prolonged periods of snow do not generally go hand in hand with photography and camera equipment. Sometimes it has to be avoided to prevent damage to equipment, but sometimes it cannot be avoided while on assignment to cover a particular event. If you find yourself in that situation you might want to think about