Think Tank Vs. Aquatech Eyepieces

I recently began using the new Aquatech Sport Shield Rain Covers for some of my camera setups and I’ve been incredibly impressed by them. Just like the Think Tank rain covers, the Aquatech ones require the use of a camera-specific eye piece.

When I first wrote this blog post Think Tank were selling their eyepieces for $35 and the Aquatech ones were only $20. Much of the purpose of the post was to inform people that the Aquatech one work with the Think Tank covers, and therefore you can save yourself a bit of money.

Well, fast-forward a little bit and Think Tank have lowered the price of their eyepieces to $20, so no on price at least, the two brands are level pegging. Personally, I still prefer the feel of the Aquatech ones, but if you’re purchasing the cover from Think Tank anyway, I think many people will just go ahead and order the Think Tank eyepiece at the same time, and that’s fine as well.

aquatech eyepiece
Aquatech Sport Shield
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