The 5D Mark 3 Just Got Way More Awesome

Canon have released firmware update 1.2.1 today for the 5DMK3 which is one of the most comprehensive firmware feature additions ever seen for a Canon camera.  You can download it HERE. Here is a list of the changes made with this firmware: Of course the big news here is uncompressed output from the HDMI port as this allows film makers to plug in external recording devices and record to other formats directly like ProRes or DNXHD in a much less compressed way then you can create files in camera.  Video recording quality should be vastly improved with this.Also important is

Canon 6D Vs. Canon 5D Mark 3 & Making The Jump To Full Frame

With Canon’s introduction of the new EOS 6D comes a question that many people are going to consider.  5D Vs 6D.  For full frame Canon photography there has never been this choice before in this price bracket and it is exciting that people who have been using APS-C cameras for some time, now have the opportunity to upgrade.  The invention of APS-C sized sensors was purely down to the manufacturing costs of CMOS sensors when digital DSLRs were developed.  The cost of the sensor represented a huge proportion of the overall camera cost but now, as that cost has come

Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS + 2x Teleconverter – Real world usage how good is it ?

Sometimes I get in the mood to do big technical tests on gear and lenses. I have a few of those in the works right now but for this one I’m going to keep it simple. Teleconverters have a fairly bad reputation and my first foray into their use was with my original 70-200 2.8 L IS. I picked up a 1.4x II thinking that it might be useful for getting me near the 300mm mark on the cheap. Long story short, I tried it a couple of times and then swore never to put a teleconverter anywhere near my

Separate audio syncing just got easier with new DualEyes

If you shoot video with a Canon DSLR you already know the audio sucks. Or even if you don’t, maybe you have read my guide to audio and microphones for these cameras ! Recording your audio separately is without a doubt the way to get the highest quality audio track but it adds a couple of daunting extra steps to your production. Firstly the simple process of making sure you record the audio and not just the video while you are shooting, 2 record buttons to press! And secondly syncing that audio to your video track in post-production. I guess

External monitor use with the Canon 5dMKII, 7d and 1dmkIV

This post is sort of a prelude to a review that i’ll be writing in the next couple of weeks. Recently the folks at IKAN sent me one of there v5600 to test out while I have been shooting some video with my 7d and 5d. When I started to take down some notes I realized that there are a few things to be said about using external monitors with these cameras and some of them are characteristics of the cameras and therefore independent of the type of monitor you are using. I found myself trying to figure out what

Shooting video with the Canon 5dMKII – Part 3

When I decided I needed to get this video stuff dialed, I needed something to shoot. There’s no point trying to figure this all out unless you have a purpose and some footage to play with. Leigh Powis, a local skier from Whistler, told about his crazy plan to put a trampoline on top of a cliff to help him practice a few new tricks before the winter. This was the perfect chance to try filming some action AND some lifestyle. So below is my very first ever video with the 5dMKII. We shot it on 3 different days for

Shooting video with a Canon 5dMKII – Part 1

When I first got the 5dMKII last winter, the camera world was buzzing about the incredible HD video that it can shoot as well as the beautiful 21MP images. This will be great I thought, I can shoot some videos in between shooting photos. When it actually came down to it though, nice idea as it is, I didn’t have the time mid-winter to learn about shooting video and editing HD video or learn about all the weird idiosyncrasies that the 5d’s video has. I made a couple of short videos that never turned out how I expected and then

A note on remote camera shooting.

Ever looked at something and wished you could shoot 2 different angles? Any working photog these days is going to own more than one camera. If one of your cameras fails, you need to be able to finnish the job you are being paid for. But other than having the camera just as a backup, you can put that camera to good use too. Remote cameras are nothing new in sports photography. Take a look around any major sporting event and you will often see hundreds of remote cameras. Photographers for some large agencies will capture anything up to 10