The 10 Million Dollar Tripod – Ends Tomorrow

The Kickstarter campaign for the Peak Design Travel Tripod has just two days left. If you want to secure this record-breaking tripod at a large discount over the eventual retail price, you must act now! Incredibly, at the time of writing this post the campaign has raised just shy of 10 million dollars, and it will easily surpass that mark by the end of the campaign. 10 million dollars! People are REALLY excited about the design of this new tripod!!

Think Tank Launches Digital Holster 150 for Telephoto Zooms

The Digital Holster range from Think Tank Photo has been around for some time, but now they have expanded it with the addition of the Digital Holster 150. This new larger size comes in response to customer demand for a holster that can fit the growing number of 150-600mm sized lenses on the market. I would also include the Nikon 200-500 in this list, as well as 100-400mm lenses from Canon and Sony, and the Sony 200-600mm. In addition to these zoom lenses, it’ll also fit a 300mm f/2.8, the Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS II and the Nikon 500mm …

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Peak Design Launches Innovative New Travel Tripod

Peak Design have launched a new travel tripod on Kickstarter and based on their past successes with the crowd funding platform, it should come as no surprise that they blew past the $2million funding mark in a single day. Smashing their $500,000 goal with 57 days still to go. “During my travels in 2008 I began wondering why on Earth my tripod was so big. The thing was full of negative space and knobs, and I felt like something designed for portability could do much better,” Peak Design CEO, Peter Dering. During the campaign the new Peak Design Travel Tripod …

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Canon’s Missing Fast Prime – The Sigma 28mm f/1.4 is Here

I have always been a fan of the 28mm focal length and long wondered why there was never an EF 28mm f/1.4 L lens in Canon’s otherwise exhaustive lens lineup. Well, today Sigma solved that with the launch of the Sigma 28mm f/1.4 ART. Available now to pre-order from B&H for $1399. Shipping will start on January 25th. Nikon F-mount is also available for pre-order, but it’s not yet clear when the Sony E-mont version will come to market. Later this year we should also see an L-mount version of this lens for Sigma’s upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera, as well …

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Adobe Finally Fixes Lightroom Healing Brush?!? It’s FAST now.

For years the healing brush tool in Lightroom (Classic) has been pathetically slow and essentially useless unless you only used it to fix one or two tiny spots on an image. If you added any more than that, Lightroom would slow to a crawl. For the most part it forced me to export the image to Photoshop to use their healing and cloning tools when I needed to fix dust spots or remove small imperfections because it was so much faster. Today I was editing a photo in Lightroom Classic (build 1200465) and I noticed that the healing brush seemed …

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