Author: Dan Carr

Think Tank Wired Up Collection – Review

This Month, Think Tank Photo will be releasing an entire new collection of camera bags designed specifically with the Multimedia photographer in mind. With the advent of cameras such as the Canon 5dMKII and the the Panasonic GH-1, more and more photographers are being asked to shoot video and/or audio on photographic assignments. More to shoot means more to carry and these new bags are designed specifically to meet the new challenges associated with multimedia shooting. If you decide to purchase any of the bags, Think Tank has a special offer on at the moment. If you go to...

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Think Tank Change Up – Review + Photos

I thought it was about time I did a review about one of my favorite camera bags. This is one of the most versatile camera bags that’s ever been made. Part belt pack , part shoulder bag and part backpack. Everyone will be able to find a great use for this bag. And the system is totally expandable using the Think Tank modular components added to the side. So on to the bag….its hard to know where to start so i’ll start with the various pockets. Click on the photos to see the larger! The front and sides have...

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All quiet on the western coast…for now

The blog has been pretty quiet lately.  Having finished my final shoot of the winter for Whistler Blackcomb in May I took a bit of time off after a long winter.  I went back to England to visit my family and also took some time to head to France to watch the Le Mans 24 hour motor race.  After skiing, motor racing is my second passion.  One day I would love to spend a bit more time shooting it.  The trip to France was a holiday for me so i didn’t spend a lot of time shooting but I did pack my 5dMKII and a couple of lenses.  I was actually fairly impressed with the AI- Servo focusing of the 5dMKII, i think that’s the first time I have tried using it.  With the 300mm lens it was pretty accurate on the fast moving cars.  In the end the race was won by the number 9 Peugeot 908 HDI. For anyone who has even the vaguest interest in racing, a trip to Le Mans should be on your list of things to do.  The track is steeped in the history of the worlds greatest sports car manufacturers and the atmosphere generated by the 250,000 strong crowd is something I have yet to find words to describe.  It is not just about the racing, it is a pilgrimage.  Even the...

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Summer is coming

Yesterday was Gaper day here in Whistler. Blackcomb is now closed and Whistler is open for some limited spring skiing. I have one more snowboard shoot left to do here with the Sandbox crew and it looks like we will get that done towards the end of this week when the current low pressure has cleared out. Winter is nearly done. When winter finishes in Whistler though you only get a couple of weeks off before summer camps start up on the glacier. I’m stoked already, the Blackcomb glacier hosts 2 of the best summer parks in the world. Momentum Ski camp and Camp of Champions. Here is a few of the shots from last summer that have been published...

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