Author: Dan Carr

Flying with an Elinchrom Ranger

This morning I was woken up at 4am by someone hammering on my front door. I was ecstatic. Why? Because the guy who was banging 7 shades out of my door, was also carrying my pelican case full of flash equipment that I had last seen at Queenstown airport in New Zealand 4 days ago. If you own and travel with an Elinchrom Ranger (or similar batery powered flash) then you would be advised to read on. Let’s face it, if you put a Ranger through an x-ray scanner at an airport , it’s going to trigger some alarms....

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Something Intersting This Way Comes…..Canon 7d

If you Google Canon 7d you will find speculation about this camera dating back several years.  Fake photoshopped boxes and fake adverts have popped up before but over the last couple of months there has been more compelling evidence that this camera is about the make the transfer from mythical to physical. UPDATE:  Photos of the Canon 7d The rumors about such a camera took a bit of a backseat while the 5dMKII was announced last year and in fact it seems like many people mistook this new camera for the 50d replacement initially.  In light of some recent...

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South of the Equator – Chapter 1

Eventually winter comes to an end in Whistler. Last day of summer camps on Blackcomb glacier were mid way through July and with temperatures in the mid 30s every day I needed to get back to a cooler climate. I flew direct from Vancouver to Auckland on a new service from Air New Zealand and I have to say that they are just about the best airline I have ever flown with. Though it does help the that booking agent was an action sports photo fan and kindly hooked me up with a bulkhead seat so I could stretch out. Of course I went through all the usual problems trying to get my bags within the weight limits but eventually after I had tossed a ton of non-essential items (clothes) out at the check in desk I sneaked everything into 2 bags at 32KG each. One pelican 1610 hard case full of flash equipment and F-stop bags and my huge DaKine ski roller bag which held a pair of skis, ski boots, light stands and a small amount of clothing. The rest of my camera equipment travels with me as carry on in a Think Tank Airport International roller case. I think the weight limit for carry on was about 7kg but my bag weighed at least 25kg. No questions asked on the first flight but I did hear...

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Portable Storage – LaCie Rugged drives

I just picked up another LaCie Rugged drive for an upcoming trip to New Zealand so I thought I’d take a second to post about them. The Rugged line of drives from LaCie are designed with the traveling photographer in mind and are encased in a protective rubber shell. I have been using a 120gb Rugged for about 2 years now and it has been faultless so far. If you take a look at the larger version of the photo on the left you will even see a sizable dent in the case on the top but still it...

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Summer happenings

Bit of an odds and ends posting this one. I’ve been shooting a few things up on Blackcomb glacier in the last week or so. The progression of skiing over the last year is pretty impressive. It seems everyone has a new variation on a double cork or double flip these days. Paul Bergeron (photo on the left) is looking particularly impressive. I also shot a quick video of Peter Olenicks new double which seems to be a kind of misty 5 to switch backflip. Crazy stuff. Pete Olenicks new dub from Dan Carr on Vimeo. A few nights ago I went up to Camp of Champions for a sunset shoot with the 4frnt crew. CR Johnson, Matt Sterbenz and Finn Anderson were on hand along with local skiers Mack Jones and Carl Fortin. As with this shoot last year , we were blessed with perfect conditions and a beautiful sunset. The photo on the left shows the collection of Elinchom Rangers set up by myself and a couple of other photogs. In the last couple of shoots I have been experimenting with some different pocketwizard setups to try and increase the usable range. What I have learnt is that moving the PW away from the light stand and flash head can make a noticeable difference. A Manfrotto magic arm with camera plate and a cold shoe provide a...

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