Month: November 2016

Think Tank Photo Holiday Specials

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced two holiday special offers on their award-winning camera bags.  The first is their Outlet Center, which is chock full of huge discounts.  And second, through December 31st whenever you buy a Think Tank rolling camera bag you will receive Road Warrior Kit for free.  The Road Warrior Kit features 10 Red Whips cable ties, a Cable Management 10 pouch, an AA Battery Holder and a Travel Pouch. That’s $54.50 worth of accessories FREE!  And don’t forget, with our special relationship with Think Tank you will also receive a free gift when...

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Gift Ideas for Photographers: 2016 Edition

Every year I put together a gift guide on Shutter Muse at this time of year, and it’s usually one of the most popular posts of the year.  Over the past few years I have been carefully monitoring which products people click on in these guides, and this helps me craft a list of items that I know people are really going to be interested in! There’s something for everyone in this year’s guide, and even if you don’t need to shop for a gift right now, it’s a great way to check out some of the awesome little...

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Gear Check: LensCoat LensSack

Anyone that dabbles in wildlife photography should have a photography bean bag in their kit. There are many opportunities to photograph wildlife from a vehicle, whether it’s your own car, or a jeep on safari. When you do that, you’ll need a place to rest your camera! In fact bean bags are much more useful that that. You can also use the on the ground to get beautiful low angle images of shorebirds on a beach, or any number of other small creatures. The first bean bag I got was the Gura Gear Sabi Sack, now sold by Tamrac...

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My Biggest Annoyance with the Canon 5D Mark IV

There’s no such thing as the perfect camera, and whilst I have been extremely happy with the 5D Mark IV in general, there’s something that really began to frustrate me on my recent trip to The Canadian Rockies: Cropped 4k video. Although Canon might tell you otherwise, the 5D Mark IV is not a camera that has been designed for video professionals. It lacks even basic video camera software functions like focus peaking. That said, it does shoot in 4K and delivers video files that can look pretty good. Since I had this 4k capability in my day-to-day camera, naturally...

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