Month: July 2015

Day #4 | Mobile Photography Lenses

Day #4 of the Stay Out There challenge is something of an extension to Day #2 where I published a series of mobile photography tips. Lenses For Mobile Photography As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m a big fan of taking photos with my iPhone.  That might sound odd because I have a closet full of professional Canon DSLR equipment, but my phone is often the camera that’s with me and I never want to feel like I can’t take a photo of something that inspires me. It would be rare to find a DSLR photographer  heading...

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7D Mark II High ISO Thoughts

7D Mark II, ISO 6400, f/4.5 250mm 1/250 I’m still in the Canadian Rockies at the moment and shooting a mixture of landscape and wildlife stuff, as well as working on this cool project with Adobe. I’ve settled into a routine of using the 7D Mark II for the wildlife stuff, even though I have my full-frame 5D Mark III here as well.  Originally I had planned to only use the 7D when I need extra reach on my 200-400 f/4 L IS 1.4ext lens.  In fact, I’ve quickly become much more confident with its image quality than I...

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