Canon Cinema EOS Cine Lenses In Development

Shortly after the launch of the Canon C300 I interviewed one of Canon’s technical staff about the camera.  At the time he mentioned to me that on top of the announced 3 EOS Cine prime lenses there were also two more in development.  One wider and one longer.  I now have a photo of these two prototype lenses, see below.  It’s rare that unannounced lenses are shown so I thought it well worth a mention.  No focal length is known at the moment, if I had to guess I would say 100mm or 135mm and 18mm? On top of these …

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Canon Launches New Range Of EOS Cine Lenses With EF Mount

Alongside the launch of the new EOS C 300 video camera, Canon have also addressed peoples concerns with using regular EF lenses on these cameras for shooting video professionally.  EF lenses were not designed with manual focus in mind and they can prove tricky to use when critical focus is necessary.

Those problems have now been addressed though with this new lineup which features a true cine style of long focus throw and detailed lens markings with distances as well as a manual aperture. All resolve to 4K:

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Canon’s November 3rd Announcement

Less than a month now until Canon make their ‘Historical Announcement” in Hollywood.  I’ve received an invitation myself but unfortunately can’t attend. The location of the event clearly signifies a video announcement and NOT a photographic one.  Those of you who are eagerly awaiting a Canon 5dMK3 can take a seat, this is NOT going to appear on this date. It’s fairly safe to say that we are going to see a large sensor, interchangeable lens video camera.  Canon have taken their time over this product so we ought to see something pretty special here.  The launch of the 5dMK2

Canon To Make An Historic Announcement on November 3rd

I rarely publish rumors here, but this isn’t really a rumors as invitations are out there.  On November 3rd Canon will make ” An Historic Announcement” at a location in Hollywood.  The location of the event obviously implies that this is related to the film industry rather than anything photography related.  Will we finally see a large sensor video camera from Canon ?  Ef mount or PL mount with a Super 35 sensor ?  Or will it have a 4k sensor ?

It’s always seemed odd that Canon didn’t jump head first into the large sensor wars with the Panasonic AF100 and the Sony F3 and FS100.  The technology was there already in the Canon DSLRs so it made sense.  Yet Canon never unveiled anything…… perhaps because they knew that 1080p is a standard that is on it’s way out ?  4k will be the new standard, of that there is no question so perhaps Canon spent the time working towards 4k in a more affordable package than something like  RED Epic of the new Sony F65 ?  At photoplus Expo last year they did show a working 4k sensor in a camera that was deemed a “concept” only.  At IBC last week in Amsterdam JVC showed the first camcorder with a 4k sensor as well, so 4k will be coming to the masses, it’s only a matter of time.

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