Month: July 2011

Will we see a Canon 1dMKV in the near future ? Getty photographer drops a clue….?

Getty images sport’s photographers are amongst the best in the world and it’s a known fact that Canon and Nikon seek their opinions on various aspects of new products and often lend them new equipment for testing prior to the official launch.  I follow a number of Getty’s top shooters on Twitter and an interesting conversation popped up today between a few of them.  Richard Heathcote has been lent one of Canon’s new 400mm f2.8 MKII lenses to try out.  Check out his photo of it below which reveals a new style hard case and new style of lens cap for the upcoming MKII super tele lenses from Canon.  Richard even confirms on his twitter account that he used a pre-production version of the 400mm lens last year. The interesting part of the conversation comes when fellow Getty sports photographer, Clive Mason, who is also a Canon shooter, chimes in to ask his colleague if he was using the 400mm on a MKIV or a MKV for a recent soccer game at Arsenal…… It seems that Clive Mason has recently switched back from Nikon to Canon.  I wander if there was a particular reason for the switch?  Clive is one of Getty’s top sports photographers so I’d wager he has tested pre-production equipment from Canon in the past.  Could we see a Canon 1dMKV in August ?  Perhaps a...

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Canon’s New 8-15mm F4 L Fisheye Hitting Stores Now

The long awaited Fisheye zoom lens from Canon is finally finding it’s way onto store shelves this week in several places.  I have written about this lens before and provided some of the first samples of it last month.  I hope to have one in my hands within the next few days myself and I will be doing a thorough review at that time.  This is a lens that will be fantastic for my line of work so it’s exciting to know it’s finally coming.  Some stores do have long waiting lists for this one so if you fancy picking one up I’d place a pre-order as soon as possible. For sale at: B&H Adorama Amazon    ...

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Photographers Guide to Google +

Google + is the new hot ticket in town for fans and user of social media.  I was hesitant about it to begin with and wasn’t sure I really wanted anything more the Twitter and Facebook but the reponse to G+ has been overwhelmingly positive during the initial roll out.  In fact it took me many months to gather as many followers on Twitter and Facebook as I have on G+ in just a week.  What’s interesting to me is that it isn’t all the same followers.  I never publicized my G+ account on twitter at all so people are finding me independently of that and on Facebook I gave it one quick mention on day 1 which resulted in a few followers.  Since then though I have been getting up to 150 new followers a day without even actively posting a link to my profile anywhere.  G+ has created, within the space of just a couple of weeks ,a thriving community of photographers.  I see a lot more “conversation” going on within G+ too.  Whether this is due to the ease of networking within the environment, or whether it has something to do with the type of people using G+ in the early stages I’m not yet sure. Anyway….. my good friend Colby Brown has written an exhaustive guide on using G+ for photographers.  It really does cover...

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Think Tank Skin Set Review

Last month I went to France to shoot the 24 Heures du Mans in Le Mans and before I left I grabbed a few extra items to make my assignment a little easier.  First up was the Think Tank Hydrophobia 300-600 V2 rain cover which I have already reviewed HERE.  The next think I wanted to do was take a look at the Think Tank Skin system to carry some additional items around with me while I was shooting.  A lot of you know me for my winter sports photography and for that I use a variety of specialized...

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Canon Increases Prices On Lenses That Aren’t Even Available Yet

Somewhat disappointing to report today that Canon has indicated the recommended list prices of all these lenses are to be increased to the following new prices.  All the lenses apart from the 800mm are not even out yet.  The price of these new Canon super tele lenses is HUGELY increased over the price of the old MKI versions so they’d better be incredible pieces of glass!  Whilst this probably indicates we are getting closer to a release date, I was told today that as of yesterday at least, Canon Canada still has absolutely no timeline for the Canon 8-15mm lens.  This is also a little disappointing because we were previously told that the already delayed release date was pushed back to the end of July.  July’s end is rapidly approaching so you’d think if it was to make that deadline Canon Canada would know something of it by now. EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens $7299.00 EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM lens $1499.00 EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens $11.499.00 EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM lens $10.499.00 EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM lens $12.999.00 EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM lens...

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